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So… Battle pets have now a level requirement to be learnt… Why?

wow1 - So... Battle pets have now a level requirement to be learnt... Why?

On the PTR, Vanity/Battle pets have now level requirements to be learnt when bought from a vendor or looted in the world.

TL;DR: Battle pets, bought or looted, have now a level requirement, fixed by the level of the zone in which they were obtained. This leads to same pets having multiple/different level requirement on the AH, as many can be obtained in multiple zones (having different zone levels). These requirements seem to be fixed automatically, and it affects more generally all "Use:" items such as pets, mounts, containers, recipes, … All those items having new requirements that they never had over the last 15 years. The issue appeared first on patch 9.0.2 and is now about to be fixed in stone with patch 9.0.5

So for more context, the longer version:

Vanity pets have been around since the beginning of WoW and never had any requirement on them. For more than 15 years, anyone from any level could go get those pets, and for some people it was one of the early motivations to go explore the world, even if their level wasn't high enough to face the mobs of an area where the pet could be obtained, they could still go get their little companion at a pet vendor.

With the latest PTR though, they all got a level requirement to be learnt. Except one detail: the requirements are not fixed on the item itself, but on WHERE it was bought/looted, leading to same pets having different level requirements. You can kinda see where is the issue.

A simple example: one of the most vanilla pets.
Can be bought in two places: Undercity (zone level 0) and in Netherstorm (zone level 25).
You have two different level requirements on it, and the tooltip is messed up at most level (it shows you your current level as a requirement, when your level is over the "true" requirement).

b32yixspg6h61 - So... Battle pets have now a level requirement to be learnt... Why?

Same issue with world drop pets and mounts.
mount can drop in Stormsong Valley (zone level 35) and in Tiragarde Sound (zone level 10) those two drops have different level requirements to be used, even though the mount itself is listed as requiring only level 10.


That same issue (level requirement due to where the object was obtained) also affects almost all the "Use:" items, exception for the toys that are unaffected. "Use:" items regroup battle pets (not the caged ones), mounts, profession recipes, containers, and various other miscellaneous items. All the items where their description start with "Use: <learn a pet/mount/crafting recipe/…>".

The issue appeared for the first time on patch 9.0.2, which introduced Shadowlands content.
Those "zone-level limitations" on items were not explicitly shown, but hidden, and have been reported multiple times by people that bought pets/mounts on the AH and that couldn't use them afterwise, even though their character was over the level requirement indicated by the item.
Reported on EU forum
Reported on US forum

How is this a problem?
– for pets: multiple level requirements for same pets kinda mess up the AH and what can be bought use by AH toons on different servers
– for mounts: level requirements different from the one shown on the mount, same again, upon buying/trading it from another player, a character might not be able to use the item and be required to level up even if the tooltip requirement is met
– for recipes: currently with the new scaling, all professions can be done even at low level, but since 9.0.2 a bunch of world drop recipes have diverse level requirement depending on where they were obtained, making it more difficult for people to obtain a usable recipe version when at low level.

Of course you can consider "you just need to level up and you will be able to use it". But it's just a new annoyance introduced in the leveling of people, confusion in the AH with multiple level requirements for a same vanity item, and a sudden change undocumented in the patchnotes, introducing level requirements different from the ones in the wowhead PTR database.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you consider as a good thing to get level requirements on battle pets that were universally usable at every level since the beginning of this game?

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