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So.. either you do or you don’t want us playing alts (or running visions) pick one please.

wow1 - So.. either you do or you don't want us playing alts (or running visions) pick one please.

SO this is for an actual conversation. No mocking – no BS, just trying to understand this weird oxymoron logic we have thrown at us right now that someone hasn't gone "We should probably rethink all of that."

I am going to touch on three parts – each part moves from one to the other, visions, loot drops and alts.

So. Week of 8.3 drop all the daily's gave a whopping 50 Coalescing Visions each. So much so that people ran the numbers and went that they are going to have to horde their keys just to be able to meet the requirements of this week ( 8 pages ladies and gents).

Hearing us and considering that we are all going " So.. this is it till Shadowlands?????" they buff it up to 250 (and the peasants rejoice.. for a moment). Now if you are like me, you are throwing keys away to stop from losing the currency – and throwing away is a harsh way because I tank so I use them to help new players needing the first few boss kills. I am sure some feel they throw them away on bad groups too – so balance there?

I think any of us on since 8.3 dropped now have the currency coming out our ears – this wouldn't be a bad thing. Only… the keys are ALL we can buy with it, and our cap is only 25k – enough to buy two spares. No trinkets. No recipes, no bullshit on use in vision items only. Nothing to help balance a little the amount we are getting served from all the sources.

Alright – so suck it up buttercup.

Then there are the Sparks of Unwavering Strength (in my case for my tank). 45. I need 45 to get rank 2 of an essence that dropped on day one. I have my doubts on if that one is BiS for anyone (here is a correct me point) so it may not matter – but 45 to keep us busy chasing our tails in visions that we can only hold 5 keys for and have a 25k cap on the currency for if it was BiS means we would have had to be pushing full clears week one multiple times. Which according to them – their recommendations especially – was not advised.


With that – what about off spec, or god forbid the confusing topic of alts with them. "Hey here is some catch up gear, but you still need to grind out those now irrelevant raid essences if you want to do more then face plant in visions on them." Little dramatic but so far everyone's new best friend is no longer the previous raids essence maker which took a small feat of patience to do in the first place if you didn't have a steady raid/pug/group run. LFR only drops 1 per wing, you might get lucky and find a group going on normal to take you cause anyone doing heroic or mythic want your first born and a blood test still.

And for some reason at the very least all prior 8.3 essences on rank 1 should be account wide to help balance the grind you are being forced in to again if you want to try to keep playing by switching to an alt once your main is fleshed in the best.

I am all for busy work. I am all for even the visions as they make you think a lot more on your feet especially if someone has corruption gear that has them running from that (or struggling to in many cases).

But damn – what the hell is going on in the numbers crunching and feedback program??

I mean its bad enough more than 10 people sharing space casting spells seems to cause the server/shard to have a fit of lag (try a bg its a special kind of h*ll for those who need the pvp essences even more now) trying to keep up.

But I digress – if they were serious about keeping us around, why not make things a little more alt friendly? Why not give us more incentives on running visions? We got our final raid. Much to mixed opinions. And we all got left with a "Well… what now?" feeling.

Cause its a really long time even until Aug if this is what they expect us to keep jumping through and I don't see people keeping with it.

My fear is because of this – it becomes "Shadow what?"

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