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So how much longer until Sylvanas is toppled in the second Horde civil war?

wow9 - So how much longer until Sylvanas is toppled in the second Horde civil war?

Let's poll the leadership of the Horde, shall we? From the latest patch:

Ji Firepaw: "I can sense much anger and frustration among those gathered here today. In my homeland, we saw such feelings manifest into very real threats after we spent too much time and energy suppressing them. Baine had to act, lest his anger turn into a greater threat to the Horde. We should all take a lesson from this."

Lilian Voss: "Thomas Zelling has… had… a family in life. He made me promise to keep them safe, even after they called him a monster and shunned him for being undead. It is a promise I will continue to keep. If they ever ask how he met his fate, I will tell them that he died a hero. We Forsaken are raised with free will. That's what separates us from the Scourge. Sylvanas Windrunner used to take pride in that distinction. But after all I have seen in this war, I must wonder if that still holds true."

Eitrigg: "Years ago, Tirion Fordring sacrificed everything to spare my life as a matter of honor. Baine has done much the same. Are we now to punish him for it? I fear the Horde is becoming what we once hated, $c. And I do not like it."

Garona: "You see what happened to Baine? To Zelling? That's why we need to lay low, keep our heads down, follow the warchief's lead. At least for now. Baine's mistake wasn't acting against Sylvanas. His mistake was acting too soon."

Rexxar. "There are others who must hear of this, $n. And they will."

Mayla Highmountain: "Is this what the Horde stands for? Imprisoning those who act with compassion and honor? Perhaps my people should have never left Highmountain…"

Thalyssra: "Our rebellion against Elisande was just, and it earned me a blade in the back. I pray Baine does not meet a similar fate. The nightborne are still new to the Horde. Perhaps I should seek Lor'themar's council. He understands what my people have endured, and I have learned much through our conversations."

Talanji: "Without de Horde beside us, my people would now be at de mercy of de Alliance. We owe much to de warchief… but we will not follow her blindly. Baine Bloodhoof has shown honor and respect to de Zandalari. He must be given a chance to face his accusers and answer for dis supposed crime."

Rokhan: "Dis be some bad juju, mon. Da Horde gotta stick together if we gonna win dis war… but Sylvanas… she not be makin' dat easy. And dis just gonna throw more fuel on da fire."

Lor'Themar Theron: "I cannot fault Baine's heart, even if his actions were drastic. Through this act of defiance, he exposed a schism in the Horde that has been growing since the attack on Teldrassil. I fear that by openly opposing Sylvanas, he may have put his own people at risk. As mine would be, were I to side with him. These are perilous times. We must be cautious… and deliberate."

Gallywix and Geya'rah are the only ones who continue to back Sylvanas, and in the case of the former it's because he just doesn't give a damn. I've heard that even Nathanos is starting to go "woah, this is going too far."

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