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So, I unexpectedly spent an hour or so RP’ing last night.

wow10 - So, I unexpectedly spent an hour or so RP'ing last night.

Needless to say this was a little unexpected… Allow me to describe the events of my travels with a random adventurer last night.

I am a druid, and in full wanna-be bird man mode I am perched upon a lamppost in the Trade District in my flight form (Glyph of the Humble Flyer – just sayin').

Whilst I was essentially AFK'ing a lonely Human Death Knight (lvl 60) walks into the Square, and approaches a random level 120 player. "Hero, Azeroth needs your help!" he said, and was met with "?? :D" – This person clearly lacked the knowledge to what he faced… Roleplay.

Upon seeing this I flew down from my perch, put my talons into the ground, and asked the Human DK "What's so special about him?" – referencing the nothing-interesting-to-say-person ("?? :D") other guy.

"He was the first person I saw, perhaps you can help?" – This was my chance, my chance to finally feel important and valued in my whole life – Of course I can help! Of course! (RP mode enabled).

"What is it that you require of us/me, traveller?", I asked to which he explained that Azeroth was in danger and that he needed to delve into the fiery, flaming, fuck-off depths of the Molten Core itself.

I told him that he was a fool, as he was at the moment there's no way he could face those perils, I agreed to take him under my wing (pun intended), and flew him over to Blackrock Mountain.

It was there that I realised what I thought was just some corny nerdy request to be ran through Molten Core, was genuinely an attempt at legitimate RP. I was too deep in it now, I guess this person would be popping my RP-Cherry.

We flew to the lower platform within the mountain and knelt over the edge, observing the bursting, violent bubbling of the flaming hot lava below. In conversation I asked about the Human's guild and whether they were a friendly bunch that I could join – He decided he wanted to test my friendship…. And jumped into the lava.

Now burning to death, the stench of melting half-dead death-knight flesh filling my oh so pure Night Elf nostrils, I had to do something – I imbued him with the rejuvenate powers of nature and transformed into an Obsidian Nightwing for him to hop onto and thus return him to the platform above. He clapped. I sighed. I think you can see what sort of dynamic we had going on.

Finally, smalltalk aside, we venture into the Molten Core. Immediately we are faced with two Molten Gigantic (you guessed it) Giants. Stubborn – all mighty – Human runs at them fearless and with a death-wish, only to be fisted to death by that of a molten giants rocky, hard, hand. He is a fool. "Allow me…" I say.


A trash over there, a swipe over here, sounds of ripping and tearing – and a few seconds later, all of the giants in the room fall. I walk back to the Human in my unlimited cool and powerful display, needless to say he was flabbergasted. "Is this the power of the night elves?" he asked, silly question but I advised him that this was merely the power that an Archdruid wields.

We progress through the caverns and discover symbols, runes perhaps on the ground and see those same symbols in the very core of the mountain. He dies a couple more times trying to display his heroics and stupidity, and to his advantage, I began to admire the idiot – to an extent.

A stop here and there to assess the situation and what we had to face, saved the Human's life a few times as was my duty as his temporary protector during the endeavour, and eventually we reach Majordomo Executus, Ragnaros' second in command.

I tear the creature to a pulp and whilst he is giving his final words after his submit, the same smell from earlier fills the room. The human is standing on the burning hot coals, again, burning to death – and dies. This time, I fear he would not be able to find his way back from death – so I had to revive him with the power bestowed upon me as Archdruid of the Dreamgrove.

Eventually we reach the core, where the same lizard-naga-snek boi was summoning the Fire Lord, Ragnaros himself.

The Human was in awe at this display and after the lizard-snek boi was removed from this dimension, I summoned all the power I could and trashed and tore at the flaming hot embodiment of the raging entity known as Ragnaros – We had done it, the Fire Lord was killed – to our knowledge – though I warned the Human that evil such as this does not always remain silent, and that we should remain vigilant.

They all lived happily ever after A battlenet add here and there and we made friends. We parted ways, the Death Knight summoned his portal to what I assume to be his 'home', or a box somewhere in Tanaris more fittingly, and I began to cast my spell to return to the sanctuary of the Dreamgrove. "Goodbye" … "For now". And we part ways.

I log off cause that took way longer than I had anticipated, but it was fun nonetheless.

I've cut some shite out for time-sake as I'm writing this just as work is starting – but don't hate me – I'm not an English grad, there are probably mistakes – who cares.

TL;DR – Met random quirky Human DK in SW and ended up Roleplaying throughout Molten Core.

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