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So is public outrage on Reddit really the only way to get problems solved with Blizzard these days? (Referring to “The BFA Experience in a nutshell” post)

wow7 - So is public outrage on Reddit really the only way to get problems solved with Blizzard these days? (Referring to "The BFA Experience in a nutshell" post)

I know there's a whole plethora of other negative posts going on and I'm sorry for adding to the fire, but this issue kind of hit a personal nerve for me.

So recently, u/Crusha15 had a rather large issue (post linked here) with his weekly mythic item disappearing when he was disconnected. Blizzard gave him the spiel about how they couldn't reward the specific loot even with screenshots of in-game item links from the chest and said they would have to randomly generate a new reward…which ended up being a level 300 Ring of Questionable Loyalties. Which, seriously, what the fu*k.

Thankfully for him, after his post a GM brought it back up to a respectable ilvl (385), and even more graciously, u/Dromogazm a GM poster here on Reddit investigated the ticket personally and gave him back his original weapon.

Here's the reason I'm more than a little pissed (and not at you Crusha15, I'm glad you got your weapon back after that trouble). The same, almost exact shit happened to me about 2 months ago. There was a lot of back and forth with the GMs on my ticket and posts on the official WoW forums, I gave them screenshots with my ticket showing clearly that I had linked a M+10 Azerite shoulder item and a keystone in guild chat. I was led to believe that the only solution was to get a new randomly generated item because it was impossible to get my Azerite shoulder item back. So guess what item generated for me?


A +10 Seal of Questionable Loyalties – the same ring u/Crusha15 got. It was a decent enough upgrade, but not to the magnitude that those shoulder pieces were (especially since Azerite pieces only freaking drop in your weekly cache whereas I could theoretically get that ring during a regular M+10 run). Also, as an aside, I'm not insinuating that the item really wasn't randomly generated, I just thought it was a funny as hell coincidence that we both got the same, ironically named ring – it would be even funnier without the headache of both situations.

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My question is, why in the hell was I led to believe this was the only solution when clearly u/Dromogazm demonstrated otherwise? Why the hell did it have to take a public Reddit post to actually get anyone to help Crusha15 out? Is that really now the only way I can actually get some competent help dealing with a rather large bug, piss and moan on Reddit at Blizzard till someone comes in to fix the negative PR?

Keep in mind, I'm not saying u/Crusha15 was pissing or moaning or that he shouldn't have made this matter public (he had every right and reason to bring this matter some attention). What really gets my goat is that I remember once upon a time a GM would have brought this issue up to a senior team member to work with me and resolve the matter at hand without having to resort to just giving up with a cheap alternative solution. Now, however… Blizzard, are things so bad now that you can really only prioritize issues when it puts you in a public negative light?

Ticket logs for proof. The screenshot I submitted to them wasn't archived with the ticket I guess, so I'll have to dig around to find the exact one I sent showing the +10 C'thraxxi Binders Pauldrons that dropped.

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