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Something I need to talk about. Help

wow2 - Something I need to talk about. Help

I need to write this from my chest because I can't sleep right now. I'll give you some context, the whole thing comes down to a message to all of you, 'please remember that there are humans on the other end'

Short story: I've started to play WoW with my GF. It helped a lot during our long distance relationship and I regret nothing. Thousands ans of cool, funny and amazing memories. After we hit 120 few months ago we naturally started the gear and grind process. We used the raid and group finder to fight our way to the top. (top = our own limitation we aren't pro)

GF is blind on one eye and almost blind on the other. She plays with audio clues, improved interface stuff and whatever we came up with. We started heroic nyalotha a week ago and it is really hard for her to keep up but holy shit she tries. She got wind of DPS meters and raid io. Which leads to another problem I am going to talk about in a second.

We cleared the whole raid except for Cara and nzoth, always creating our own group. She watched every tutorial, every YouTube video about this raid, the bosses and the mechanics and she knows almost all of them. We joined a cara and nzoth hero raid this evening. Cara was a oneshot. She was ecstatic, so freaking happy. We started nzoth and we wiped, first portal group messed up we did good. 3 dps did less dmg then her, she got kicked. Leader told her she didn't check what group she was and that she should have been in the portal. (I double checked and she didn't do any mistake her group wasn't the first portal group) but whatever sometimes you get kicked.


She was devastated and cried herself to sleep next to me. This is not me being dramatic. But not because she got kicked. But because of the general mentality of wipe = kick or leave. Nobody tries and I don't understand why. We would wipe 100 times in order to down a boss, getting closer % by % but there is no chance for that right now.

I am not even sure what I want to say with this post. Just try to be nice it's not that hard.

Might have a question, how do you find a group or guild in this game? I am playing Holy Pala and she plays a balance druid, 465gs right now the both of us. Or do you think it's too late for this expansion? We don't even care for gear it's just the personal achievement. She wants to get ahead of the curve, as almost blind player. I am grateful for every Tipp and every strategy you guys come up with.

And feel free to leave some motivating words for her. Mine are too biased I guess, but I think it's nice to do m10 runs and heroic nya after 2 months and with limited eyesight.

Oh about dps Meter – how can I explain to her the difference of 460 gear and 470 gear. She keeps comparing herself with others, thinking it's not that big of a gap. But that's a few corruptions more, better cape… Any ideas on how I can get that out of her head?

And thank you. A lot.

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