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Still struggling to find a main for Shadowlands? Here’s your answer.

wow7 - Still struggling to find a main for Shadowlands? Here's your answer.

What's going on my name is Threats and I'm a Wow boomer trying new tricks. One of the things I have been struggling with these past few months is what class to main. I watched a few videos on YouTube and they didn't have all the info that was needed in one spot so here it is.

This spreadsheet allows you to analyze the results of your idea of each spec. Then tally up your results to get a final score. You can then compare the scores to each spec to give you a personal ranking system. To the far right are key questions to ask yourself when making this decision. Click on link or copy and paste the URL. To edit click on file, make a copy, rename the doc and then you can enter the data.

Lets go through it together.

-Columns A-G: are sorted by class, spec and role. (H=healer T=tank M=melee dps R=Ranged dps

-Column H: Self Reliant/healing. How viable is this class in solo content, questing, world pvp etc.

-Column I: Team Utility. What does this class bring to the team? buffs, large cooldowns etc.

-Column J: Animations/looks. How does the class transmogs and spells look? Press alt z to hide the UI and test the visuals.

-Column K: Effectiveness. There are 3 key roles but where does this spec rank compared to others (aka Meta)

-Column L: Arena. Spec viability in arena. (I don't do bgs anymore so you can include that in your rankings. Even World pvp or duels if that's your thing.)

-Column M: Raids. Spec viability in raids. (can vary depending on boss but this is overall.)

-Column N: Dungeons. Spec viability in mythic plus. (level of mythic key will impact results.)

-Column O: Thoughts. You can just put a small note about this class or what your favorite thing about this class is. Ex: Mage is a glass cannon or Shamans have spirit link and cool transmogs etc.

-Column P: Main before? Helps decide if you want to try something new.

-Column Q: Historical strength. This is one of the key areas that for some reason people don't talk about much. Over the course of past expansions certain classes/specs have been viable while others not so much. Ex: Mages, Hunters, and Warlocks have always been viable (partly because they have 3 specs to choose from.) Shamans and Druids are inconsistent. It is hard to predict the future but if you want a safe pick this is the direction to go in.


-Column R: Total. Will populate automatically.

-Column S: Ranking. Sort column R once you complete the questions. Enter the placeholder (1st place=1 etc) so you can compare.

-Column T: Ranking Score. Will populate percentile automatically.

-Column U: Questions. These are good questions to ask yourself that you cant put a number on but they are invaluable.

  1. Role- tank, healer, melee dps or ranged dps. This is one of the first questions to ask as it trims off the fat and limits your selection.
  2. Fun- simply put do you enjoy the class? How does it feel to play?
  3. Multirole- similar to role, do you want to heal and sometimes dps? Dps and sometimes tank?
  4. Red Button- What bothers you the most? Lack of mobility, can't find a tank for mythics etc.
  5. Alts- Do you have time to play and gear more than one class?
  6. Perception- How does the community see your spec? This is a tough one because people really give some specs a hard time. Something to think about when trying to find groups.
  7. Hard No- What spec or role do you absolutely hate?
  8. Game style- Are you a casual or competitive player? If you are casual you may want to play an easy class such as a BM hunter. If you are competitive you need to stay current with the meta. One patch could completely nerf your class.
  9. Team player- Are you the type of player to choose based on what your friends or guild needs? Do you like to take on the difficult mechanics in a boss fight?
  10. "Borrowed Power"- Any system outside of the base class and talents that influence your gameplay. Ex: Mage legendary bracers or Rogue shoulders in Legion. Corruption in BFA etc. These systems drastically alter how a class plays so you should be aware of this.
  11. Class vs Spec- Are you a Mage or a Frost Mage? Understanding the difference is vital because what happens if they nerf your spec? Can you swap or do you need to reroll?

These are the key factors in choosing a main. For some people it's a no brainer but for others it way more difficult. Hopefully this helps out.

If you have any questions or just want to hang out come by my stream.

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