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Stop fear-mongering and scaring new players…

wow6 - Stop fear-mongering and scaring new players...

I'm not sure why, but there seems to be an influx of fear-mongering posts about new players being abused and kicked "for no reason" from LFD pugs. Stop spreading this misinformation.

Contrary to what these fear merchants would have you believe, getting kicked from pugs is not something that is common in levelling or end-game dungeons. Let's look at the facts and why you MIGHT or SHOULD get kicked from a dungeon:

  • Saying you are new to the game and you don't know the class or dungeon. I have NEVER seen anyone get kicked (in 10 years) from any sort of LFG dungeon because they said they were new. In fact, I noticed that players were EAGER to teach new players and help with talents and rotation instead. CRAZY! Even if the players was a tank, the dps would guide and say where to go and what to pull.
  • Actively ignoring advice, or when being asked to stop doing something. For example – if you are actively going ahead and pulling for the tank you should get kicked. If you didn't know not to do that, and people were explaining it to you and YOU STILL DID IT… What can I say, 62iq move.
  • Low dps – I have NEVER seen a player get kicked in a levelling dungeon or Normal/HC LFD for low DPS. Why? Because nobody cares. Chances are you are running into at least 1 person in full hierloom gear while levelling and at end game everything dies very quickly regardless in both normal and heroic. Is it possible to get kicked? Sure. You might have joined some stupid 2-3-4 man stack that has it out for you, but shit happens. This is not common.
  • AFK – if you afk and get kicked then you only have yourself to blame. Being new to the game is not an excuse to waste people's time. It's not about rushing the content, but intentionally slowing your group down is downright rude. If you do need to AFK, then simply say. There have been plenty of times when I needed to answer the door or pick up a phone and I didn't get kicked because I said I had to brb.
  • Trolling, inting, throwing a baby tantrum. If you are actively trolling the group by pulling unnecessary mobs on purpose you should get kicked, likewise if you start crying or raging, don't be surprised to get kicked.


In summary, fear mongering is harmful to anyone looking to pick up and start playing WoW. Spreading misinformation helps nobody, maybe just gives you some free karma – WOW! I quickly wanted to mention LFR here – yes LFR sucks. But… You won't get kicked in LFR for bad damage (mostly), you will get kicked if you are trolling or afk though. There are a lot of toxic LFR heroes who rage at newbies, but there is always someone who will stand up for the new guy and be willing to teach them how to play – this goes even for the tanks. Majority of issues in LFR arise when you as a new player refuse to say that you don't know the mechanics and cause multiple wipes.

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