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Suggestion: Grant a stacking experience buff for every max-level character on a single realm, that resets every expansion.

wow10 - Suggestion: Grant a stacking experience buff for every max-level character on a single realm, that resets every expansion.

It's a chore to level your 110 alts through Kul Tiras/Zandalar for the second/third/fourth time. It's even more defeating to think about leveling a fresh allied race all the way to 120, after already grinding out the reputation to unlock one.

Instead of forcing players into monotony, why not offer an incentive? Something that enhances enjoyment of the game? Dare I say….a reward?

A 10-15% increase in experience gained. Nothing insane, but enough to let the player know that the next character won't be as much of a grind. This buff would only apply to non-max-level characters, and every new expansion would reset the buff until you begin hitting max-level once more. There would also be an option to disable it if desired (Ironman Challenge, Role Players, Purists).

This could include Reputation as well. It would be nice if you could be Honored/Revered after finishing a zone's quests, rather than halfway through Friendly.

It would look like this:

  • 1st Max-level character = 10-15% for other non-max-level characters on that realm.
  • 2nd = 20-30%.
  • 3nd = 30-45%.
  • 4th = 40-60%.
  • 5th = 50-75%.
  • 6th = 60-90%.
  • 7th = 70-105%.
  • 8th = 80-120%.
  • 9th = 90-135%.
  • 10th = 100-150%.
  • Etc., etc.

New expansion releases? You restart the process with your first level 130/140/150.


And Boosted characters would not be exempt from contributing to/using the experience increase. Blizzard would still earn revenue from character boosts, while players would experience faster leveling through content they've already recently slogged through.

The argument could be made that over time, a large stack of permanent experience buffs would decrease the value of character boosts, which is fair. In that scenario, Blizzard could cap the max experience increase at 100-150%. Not enough to render the paid character boost unnecessary, but enough to give players an option. Or maybe Boosted characters add 20-30% to the experience increase, instead of 10-15%, to satisfy both the playerbase and Blizzard.

You have people returning from hiatus in anticipation of Patch 8.2, leveling 110 alts and trying to get their newest Allied Race to 120 before patch day. A pursuable, permanent experience increase would go a long way to keeping them in-game. Especially if they decide to try leveling through another method, like Dungeons, Professions, Pet Battles, or even just Fishing.

This post states it well– leveling is stale and unrewarding. I assume Blizzard is planning some immense leveling overhaul/level squish, but could my suggestion be a good-enough solution until then?

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