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Survey results: WoW players are less satisfied than last year

wow5 - Survey results: WoW players are less satisfied than last year

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Will keep it as short as possible! – If you want to read a longer version with graphs showing all the data, you can find it on

We interviewed over 5000 people here on Reddit and Facebook right after BlizzCon, about satisfaction in their favorite game (Note: Not only Blizzard games).

Satisfaction in games: Overwatch (8,44/10) is the only game performing better than the game average from all games (7,91), in the bottom you find WoW (6,86). The Data from Last year shows that both WoW and Overwatch fell, however, WoW took the biggest hit.

Satisfaction with Blizzard as a dev: Again, Overwatch players think best of Blizzard giving them 7,03. Average for all Devs is 6,56. Average for Blizzard is 5,92. (note it is an average, not weighted average). HS give Blizzard 6,15, WoW (5,69) and in the bottom, we got Diablo 3 with just 4,81.

There was a correlation between ratings for games and their developers. The Coefficient of determination (R squared) was high which proved our hypothesis if people are unhappy with Blizzard as a developer, they tend to be unhappy with the game as well, and vice versa.


But! – A lot of players seem to want to recommend Blizzard games, even when they give Blizzard bad ratings. 94,8% of overwatch players would recommend, for the other 3: Diablo 3 87,4%, HS and WoW 70-75%. Diablo surprisingly scores relatively high, even when their players are less satisfied.

I made this survey for a nonprofit project aiming to make gaming data free for everyone. We want to make a place that enlightens gamers, developers and a place Students can get some data to write about gaming and esport. The hardest part about this project is getting answers for the surveys, you can see in the medium post, how you can help us by answering our surveys.

We will make more posts like this, so if you have any feedback please tell us. Do you want more data? Less data? More graphs?

TL: DR: you can check the graphs in the Medium post, Blizzards satisfaction after BlizzCon is down, but people still recommend their games.

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