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Sweet, Precious, Lovely Bev- Lvl 114 with 8 days played. Most memorable night of playing WoW I’ve had in a decade.

wow4 - Sweet, Precious, Lovely Bev- Lvl 114 with 8 days played. Most memorable night of playing WoW I've had in a decade.

I wanted to share a story about last night doing mindless dungeon running while leveling my 9th alt. I need to first make a justification here. When you are in the trenches waiting for shit to happen, you play cards or roll dice etc. Well for me and my 4 man IRL friend group, we do light trolling to the 5th person who rounds out the dungeon party.

Now this light trolling is never overly caustic and typically involves feigning ignorance about a class, or asking the 5th person to type out their rotation etc. Just silly stuff that doesn't affect gameplay other than changing up the monotony. I also want to say that this is usually always directed towards try-hards that typically have no qualms dropping hate speech or egregious levels of poor language and have a need to establish e-peen dominance.

On our 5th Underrot run we were graced with the presence of a 119 Demon Hunter who did little much more than autoattack. Also his name rhymed with Ronald Mcdonald and as such I devise my plan of attack. I'm going to call him a different name every time I address him in party chat. "Ronald, get your happy meal eaten ass over here and help with some dps." I'm surprised to tell you all about the excessive amount of homophobic, basement dwelling incel speech that was lobbied back. Anyways that's not what this story is about, its just the perfect setup for the next dungeon run. This particular run ended with the DH yelling at the dungeon leader "IM STILL HERE BOI WHAT YOU GONNA DO?!" Not realizing that the 4 of us were all in the same guild. In perfect synchronicity the vote kick was submitted and completed less than 2 seconds after his swan song.

Queue up BEV. Oh sweet precious lovely Bev. Our final dungeon run because Bev broke me for the night. My favorite low level troll when leveling an alt is to ask if the new BFA dungeons are supposed to take 2.5 hours each time. And than usually expressing some sort of baseless excitement about how cool the gear looks and that I really love these "mini 5 man raids that take all night" You know, trying to push all the buttons of the Try-Hard.

Bev (I'm abbreviating his/her name) is a warlock with a cool pet (Bev's word) I'm using my 373 ret pally to tank the normal dungeon with my brother, dad and IRL friend. Usually swapping between who will tank/heal/dps each run to change things up. As we always do, we run from start of Temple of Seth and aggro everything up to and including the first boss and kill it all in a flurry of mayhem and chaos.

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This exhilarates Bev who responds in /say "WOW, That was cool. I don't know how I survived that!" (first clue). Commence my first troll. I respond in party chat "This warlock is really good guys. Check him out." He responds back in /say "I have my pet to thank for that. Let me know if you need anymore . " Fast forward a couple of failed pulls to the second boss and Bev is loving life. Never an ounce of hate or anger. This is FUN for Bev. The tank dies and we ask for soulstone. We have to walk him through how to do it but we are productive overall. After a few more light hearted jabs Bev picks up on it and in /say he says " This is my first character. I'll just drop out if I'm too new. It's really ok guys." My heart breaks. The world crumbles around me and it all comes together. This is the holy grail of Warcraft- A new player.

It hit like a lightning bolt and suddenly nothing mattered anymore other than Bev's playing experience. I wanted to give him the world and I tried. He didn't leave party after the dungeon was complete and ambled along to see what Alterac Valley was. He had quests in queue that took place in Draenor but didn't know how to get there. I literally flew him around the world on my back (Nightwing mount) giving him a tour, telling him about how our goofy dungeon group consisted of family members who are mythic raiders who killed time by leveling alts in dungeons. We talked while we flew around and I asked him about how he got started. "Two friends got me to play 3 months ago but both quit." This gave me an idea to ask him to type /played. "8 days" he says. Sweet precocious Bev, the 110 boosted warlock pug who's grinded for 8 days and happily reached LVL 114 was a legitimately new Warcraft player in every sense and I was honored to be there playing with him. It made me want to be my better self and be the best that I could. It was weird and fantastic and it made me gooey inside. I wanted to be in his seat. I wanted to still be filled with the sense of wonder and awe that he had. I wanted to experience the sights and sounds and magic of seeing Warcraft for the first times again like I did with my Dad and Brother in 2006. I had all these lightning bolts of longing and nostalgia shooting through me and then I realized that for the briefest of moments, I WAS. Through Bev. All the "WOW THAT LOOKS COOL" and "OMG" coming through /party (we taught him how to use party chat) made my night. I finally had to log as I approached 3 a.m. and my daughter was due to wake at 7. On the steps of the Dark Portal I explained how this was the place that Burning Crusade changed my Vanilla Warcraft world forever, and how also these steps were where we begin to fight back against Garrosh's Iron Horde in Warlords of Draenor. I then tactifully explained that it wasn't current content but to continuing learning and questing to his/her hearts content. Made sure they had repair gold and then told Bev to NEVER EVER hesitate asking me for help.

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