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i have terrible anxiety, particularly social.

when i first started playing wow a few years ago, i was too afraid to even join LFD. god forbid anyone tried to strike up a casual conversation with me, it would instill fear in me like nothing else.
but people did just that. and with every random interaction with players, i would grow a little more confident. i'd find myself asking questions back instead of trying to find an excuse to end the conversation sooner.

since that first uncomfortable conversation, i started trying to be the friendly person in dungeon finder. a lot of the time a greeting will be met with silence. maybe because they don't speak english, since it is eu after all. or maybe they just aren't interested in talking.

talking to people still gets my heart racing, but i try to power through it. if i didn't, i would have missed out on a lot of good experiences. here are just some of them… ^^

when 8.2 first came out, i had a lot of fun talking to people in mechagon. general chat was quite lively and i'd hang out with people while camping rares. i even had people that i'd met there recognise me in other places in the world. xd

a while back i decided to give tanking a go after wanting to for so long, but never comitting to it because of craaazy (surprise surprise) anxiety holding me back. ended up making friends with another lowbie in my guild and we ended up levelling together all the way to 120 over the course of a week or so.


while farming sightless eyes in the underbelly, i made friends with two horde players. we goofed around for a bit and eventually they led me to the vendor that sells the elixir of tongues. i kind of panicked when i realised our ability to communicate was no longer limited to emotes, but the anxiety subsided after a while. x)

about a month ago i even worked up the courage to sign up for a raid on one of my alts. somehow i ended up leading the raid, i guess 'cause i was tank. we were just doing glory of the argus raider, but it was still a pretty big deal to me to command the attention of so many people i'd never met before. and to have it pay off by getting the achievement for everyone was thrilling! 😀

anyway, i just want to show my appreciation to all of the nice people who play this game. you really helped me, even if it was unknowingly. thanks to you, the social aspect of this game is no longer my personal hell, but a comfort when i'm feeling alone.
sure there are a lot of toxic people, as with any game, but it's the kind people that leave an impression. at least that's how it is with me. :>

sry for bad english/formatting/rambling/whatever

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