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The 10th Annual Running of the Gnomes-October 12th (Classic Run details too!

wow9 - The 10th Annual Running of the Gnomes-October 12th (Classic Run details too!

The “Small” run will be held once again on October 12th, on Scarlet Crusade US at 7pm ET (That’s 4pm PT, 11pm GMT, 8am KST respectively.)

7pm is race start time, so show up early, get a guild invite to one of our many guilds, hang out with community for a good cause, and meet your fellow Gnomies! Be sure to bring your S.E.L.F.I.E camera!

Running of the Gnomes will benefit The Pink Fund, a group committed to providing financial support to help meet basic needs, decrease stress levels and allow breast cancer patients in active treatment focus on healing while improving survivorship outcomes.

This includes vital things like housing, utilities, transportation and even help with insurance. You can find more information on
our mission - The 10th Annual Running of the Gnomes-October 12th (Classic Run details too!

their site or their annual report.

Here is the donation link for the charity for this year. We’ve set the goal at a very modest $5,000, but it would be amazing if we could double the amount for the charity.

Classic Run Details:

The very first Classic Running of the Gnomes will be held on October 19th, on Bloodsail Buccaneers at 7pm It will also benefit The Pink Fund!

What is this? Is it just the in game micro-holiday?

Running of the Gnomes is an event where the whole of the Warcraft community gathers on one singular server, Scarlet Crusade, and travels from the Gnome starting zone to Booty Bay to help raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer.

The yearly migration was so popular with players and the community that Blizzard honored the event with a Micro-Holiday called the Great Gnomeregan Race that occurs yearly on the same date worldwide. The micro holiday provides players with a race course, and NPCs to cheer them on.

While the Micro-Holiday occurs everywhere, the community and gathering of players is still held on only on Scarlet Crusade-US.

The community event benefits a charity we love, and gathers together people worldwide. At the start of the event in 2017, there were over 7,000 players online and $16,600+ raised, and $7,000+ in 2018!

How to participate:

Simply log in on the specificid day on Scarlet Crusade, before the run start time and join us for the run, we’ll have the invites, and you just need to bring yourself! Because the Gnome Run is very popular, I suggest showing up not 10 minutes before the run if you can help it, or joining our discord for days that we are pre-inviting people to guilds to snag an invite early.

There will be absolutely no Cross Realm invites for this.You must be on Scarlet Crusade or it’s connected realm Feathermoon.I’m unable to facilitate people who are off realm. Simply roll a new character on the specified server and join in the fun that way!

If you do not play World of Warcraft, or play in the EU/Asia regions, you can download and use a US trial account. If your account is currently not active, you can also do the same! Trial accounts cannot join guilds, but you can run along with us, and we do have some ways to count you all. You can also join our discord still!


Is there a Hashtag again?

GnomeRun2k19 & ClassicGnomeRun

A note about Racing Guilds:

We ask that even while it’s hectic, or there’s multiple guilds, we ask that you only join the guilds we’ve confirmed for a variety of reasons:

We use the guilds to give out directions during the run, we don’t want people to have unexpectedly negative experiences in a random guild, or be scammed with a false donation link, we do use them to have some idea of how many people are at the event.

So far we can confirm for Live:

Gnomes Race for a Cure

Gnomes Race Too

Gnome Three Racers

Gnomes Race Four Us All

Gnome Run Strikes Back

Gnome and the Furious Six

All Gnomes go to Seven

The Last Gnome Run

War for the Gnome Run

Gnome with the Pink Run

Gnomes to Eleven

We have not yet picked Classic's Guild names. We are open to Suggestions, we love number based puns involving the word Gnomes and obvious themeing.

More guilds will be announced on our social media and discords.

Whispering those of us spamming chat with instructions to do so the exact word INVITE will auto trigger our addon (thanks to Ellypse for making it!) to get you a guild invite unless you have a trial account.

Why Gnomes?

Gnomes are one of the few races with pink hair, making it easy for everyone to coordinate. They also fit the idea of something “Small” together adding up to something big when together.

What about Tabards?

In Classic we should be able to trade them because of No Changes!

Live Side, Tabards were made BoP in Legion. You can buy them in Ironforge for less than 1g or you can mail yourself an Heirloom tabard from your other characters.

After Party?

Yes! We always head to Orgrimmar afterwards to give out kisses and licks to current the head of the capitol! (Who the heck is in charge currently??) …We’ve licked a lot of Horde leaders over the last 10 years to be honest.


Why Breast Cancer, isn’t there a ton of attention for this already?

October is breast cancer awareness month. We understand we’re sugar coating something devastating for people with cute gnomes to open up a conversation, but for a good reason. Everyone’s been affected by cancer of some form. Plus, we really realize that breast cancer isn’t just a woman’s issue. It affects our moms, our sisters, but also our dads, our brothers, our friends, guildies, coworkers, and many other people in our lives. It’s affected people that we really love in our community.

We feel even if the pink hair and cute outfits or all these Gnomes remind just one single person to check themselves to get a mammogram or encourage that family member who hears to go in to the doctor who’s been putting it off we’ve done our job for the year.

Plus it’s really hard to miss thousands of Gnomes doing anything, let alone thousands of Gnomes with the same colored hair stampeding through half a continent. Even out of game it gets people talking for a day or two.

Do I have to be level 1?

No be whatever you want. Heck be Horde but you might be kinda lonely?

Can you Invite me Cross Server?

No, P L E A S E just roll a Gnome on the server.

The Gnomes are all very low levels,and the few high level helpers we are bringing are using group invites to help lost Gnomes as they can. I won’t do this for anyone, and please don’t ask anyone to, as they’ll wind up without anyone, and upset/stressed out at


I can’t tell you guys not to use any of these things, but let’s try to keep the server afloat!

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of you all in one place at once. The more toys, pets, mounts you use, the worse it will be.

However it’s not your job to yell at people to put them away. In fact, using /yell isn’t helpful either. It only makes the lag worse.

The “Race” isn’t about who gets there first, and people who use the Heirloom Mounts tend to get jumped on by wild creatures as they get ahead of the pack. They also cause a lot of lag client side. If you wanted to ride a mount, the Riding Turtle is perfect for a low level character, as it’s fun but doesn’t get you there any faster.

Can I level my character first or reuse my old character from previous years?

Of course! We say roll a level 1, but it’s only a suggestion. You can use whatever character you would like. Some people roll Death Knights, but you have to be certain you’ve completed the starting zone because Arthas is clingy and won’t let go of our soul.

However don’t worry about leveling one to make it easier. It being hard is fun for some people too.

The character only need be on the Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon Cluster or on Bloodsail. See the same answer about high level characters on Scarlet Crusade.

I only have a trial account is that okay?

On Classic no. But on Live? YES! The only thing is that you cannot join the Gnome racing guilds. That’s okay though, because once the run starts, we turn off guild chat to help people not get so lost. You will still be able to come along.

We have a way to account for you, so don’t stress out! We do encourage you to enjoy our discord and everything else as well!

Is there an EU/Asia Realms Version?

Unfortunately no. Since we’re using the Micro-holiday’s set up, and the Gnome Run is an involved event that requires us in the starting zone off and on for 36 hours straight, we wouldn’t have the time to pull off a second or third one in that time frame. And on Classic it's about everyone having a subscription and time and everything else.

Also my ability to speak most languages for any Asia realms isn’t fluent enough to run an entire event on any of the realms in question. If you are a player from another region, you can simply download the US trial version and run along with us to participate! We have a good handful of players from other regions every year!

I can’t attend but will there be a stream/video?:

Not officially yet, but there’s always amazing videos created by the community members that we are happy to share.

If you are interested in streaming the run, please do! It’s a great way for people to partake if they can’t attend.

However we must very firmly ask that you remove personal donation links from your Twitch or other streaming services during the run, and put up a link to The Pink Fund, so that other people do not think they are donating to a charity, when they are really donating to you.

Where are you guys running?

Wowhead made a video of the early PTR’s version of our race course!:

Also from the Dwarven/Gnome Starting area on Classic.

I want to help with the run!

Tell your friends! Reshare our information on various social media platforms, turn your guild’s tabards pink and tell people why. Force your friends to come with you. Feel free to send a donation of the materials for a Pink Mageweave shirt to help clothe a brand new Gnome in need to Meiousei on Scarlet Crusade. If you have another idea you can tweet at me @Dravvie, or leave me a message here. I’m open to ideas, as long as it doesn’t lead to complete chaos!

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