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The Battle for Shattrath – Patch 6.1 Reimagined

wow7 - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined

Today, I'd like to share a bit of conceptualization that I've been working on for a while. Essentially, it's a reimagining of one of WoW's most lackluster content patches: Patch 6.1, AKA the "Selfie Patch." As many people know, there was initially planned to be a Shattrath City raid between Patch 6.0 and Patch 6.2 that was, among other features, cut from the final product. What I've created here is essentially a rough idea of what that might have looked like had it come to fruition.

You can find the full Imgur album with all the references
HB4Asc5 - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined

here, and I'll proceed to explain its contents down below:

Battle for Shattrath
would be a 4-boss raid taking place immediately after the events of Blackrock Foundry and the Garrison Campaign. Even after the defeat of Socrethar, Shattrath City would still be heavily contested between the Sha'tari and the Burning Legion, and this raid would see through the events that lead to its reclamation, as well as a final bit of character development for Yrel.

Players would begin the raid in the Shattrath Commons near the entrance to the city, where they'd encounter the first boss:
fEBYV9v - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined
Hurkan Skullsplinter
, Warlord of the Bonechewer Clan.1

After Hurkan, players can choose to either head west towards the Shattrath Residential District, where the ur'zul
Gulr56D - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined
can be found, or they can head north to the Sha'tari Anchorage, where
PRroazj - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined
Siege Commander Calryxia
is fought.

Regardless of which order they are defeated in, the Terrace of Light – where the final encounter,
vEzFRLv - The Battle for Shattrath - Patch 6.1 Reimagined
2 , is located – cannot be accessed until both are slain, at which point the invading demons will finally succeed at breaking through the barrier shielding the area.

From there, the players and Yrel will rush to A'dal's side, but the naaru has already been grievously wounded. Yrel begins healing A'dal, but soon after, Gul'dan arrives in person and demands that they stand down in exchange for a merciful death. Yrel of course refuses to so, to which Gul'dan orders the Legion to begin their invasion before disappearing.


The encounter proceeds as usual, but just as A'dal is nearly restored, one of the Legion's commanders (one of five possible commanders will be selected for this portion of the encounter) will arrive and instantly kill Yrel, preventing A'dal from being restored any further. The remainder of the encounter involves defeating the commander.

Once they have been defeated, A'dal uses its power to resurrect Yrel, believing that she, like Velen and Maraad before her, has finally made the ultimate sacrifice in the Light's name; and it is for this reason that she was brought back to life in order to lead her people, as High Exarch. Yrel, having finally witnessed how the Light's power can reverse even the permanence of death, vows to uphold and protect its glory at all costs, to which A'dal states that the true battle against the Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle still awaits the heroes of Azeroth…

Completing the raid would unlock a new, phased version of Shattrath that, while not a fully functional capital city, would be completely devoid of hostile Legion NPCs. And of course, Zidormi would appear outside the entrance to allow players to switch between its different states.

1 Hurkan was originally meant to be fought in Gul'rok as part of the "Destination: Unknown" quest in Talador, so I figured this would be a nice way to see him properly implemented.

2 I recognize that Chronicle Volume 3 establishes that A'dal only arrived in Outland just prior to the events of the Burning Crusade. HOWEVER, in Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor), there is a Pilgrim's Shrine which includes the blessings of four naaru: D'ore, K'ure, K'ara, and A'dal. This may seem inconspicuous at first, but it is very much worth noting that the three other naaru included – D'ore, K'ure, and K'ara – are the same three naaru who arrived along with the draenei on Draenor via the Genedar / Oshu'gun, meaning the shrine is dedicated to naaru with which the draenei on Draenor are familiar. By that logic, I'm presuming that at this point in the story, A'dal truly was meant to be a part of Draenor; and even so, with how they've established alternate Draenor works in terms of the minor differences present, I don't think it's very far-fetched to believe one of said alterations could include A'dal having an earlier presence on the planet.

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