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The BFA Experience in a nutshell

wow8 - The BFA Experience in a nutshell

TL;DR: Attempting to loot my weekly Mythic Chest disconnected me from the game before the loot was actually looted to my bags. Item was 390/+socket/+speed fist weapon. Blizzard will not replace the item that dropped, and in fact gave me an item level 300 ring instead of a new random 380+ reward for completing a +10 Keystone last week. Some pictures:

Funny story. On Tuesday I logged into my Demon Hunter at 9:00am cst (reset time), eager to loot my weekly Mythic Plus Chest and get the standard scrapper fodder I'm used to. However, this time it was different.

My chest opened up and I saw a 390 item level first weapon, with a socket and speed. For once, actually an upgrade! Christmas was here early! However, as is standard when looting this chest shortly after the weekly reset, the loot window hangs while hundreds of others attempt to gather their scrapper fodder as well. I linked the item to my guild and snapped a photo to text to my M+ crew. Unfortunately, this time the lagging loot window was different. This time the looting process actually disconnected me before looting the item to my bags.

When I logged back in, the item was not in my bags, nor in my mail. The chest was also grayed out and un-lootable. I immediately opened a ticket and explained what happened. Normally when you are unable to loot a corpse, the post master will come to your aid, so I assumed this would be a similar process even though it required a ticket. Here was the response I received:

HI there, This is Game Master xxxxxx. I see here that we had run into a problem with the weekly chest when attempting to grab the loot for last weeks effort.

Sorry about that =/. I can understand the frustrations caused by various issues you may have run into and get where you are coming from. I too have run into similar problems in various games. We're def working to improve and correct any issue that has come up though!


As for this case, I'm happy to report that we are able to assist. I do need to call out that while we can assist you in getting loot, it likely won't be the same item you first noticed as it's not possible for us to provide the item you original saw =/. The item we are providing is a completely random generated item, which is why we are normally unable to assist with these due to the random nature of the process.

In either case though, you now have a proper keystone for this week as well as a level 300 ring sitting next to that keystone in your second bag.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we work towards correcting these problems that come up.

I couldn't help but laugh. An item level 300 ring. I can't wait to get home and check out this replacement item. I figured maybe there was a typo, or they just meant the ring's item level was somewhere in the 300's, but even this would not have made me feel any better.

This was supposed to be one of those exciting moments that Ion talks about when defending Titanforging, and now it's pulled right out from under me.

I've of course replied to the ticket explaining how this is not an acceptable resolution and am awaiting my next response. I suspect today I may get a somewhat competent GM who is at least able to award me a random 380+ item, but I've basically lost hope of getting the weapon back.

Here's a link to some screenshots of the whole fiasco:

Anyways, this was so sad it was actually hilarious. Or something like that. I had to share my misery with ya'll.

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