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The cash shop finally has its first “predatory practice” with this “See You Later” bundle

wow7 - The cash shop finally has its first "predatory practice" with this "See You Later" bundle

The "See You Later" bundle is a bait offering for a blatant attempt at boosted sales in Q4.

I'll break it down for those of you who will invariably defend them on this and those of you who will be annoyed and think this is just the sub reddit members rioting over anything Blizzard does.

There is only one reason to "retire" a shop item.

There's no limited inventory space in their virtual warehouse. The content is already produced and the system is automated.

The only reason is simple: Compulsion.

A manipulative sales tactic that compels you to take advantage of a sale while you can. It's a predatory practice and with this player base, one sure to be successful.

You may be thinking – "I don't spend money I don't have, what's the issue?" The issue is simple. This is the first transparent and public signal that Blizzard has officially pivoted their business practices away from one that designs content to pander to, and build, a fanbase. This is empirical and undeniable truth that they are looking at the mobile market for cues on how to create and present content in a profitable way.


Ask yourself this: If that were not the case, why couldn't they have just heavily discounted the items or even just bundled them together for the same price without advertising it as being retired? They don't have to retire these items. Why are they doing it?

Here's the coup de grace if you're still not sure – They aren't being retired. The advertisement says they are going away but the fine print says they'll be hibernating and may or may not return. If that isn't iron clad proof that this is nothing more than a mobile game spur of the moment buy now mind manipulating tactic then you're lost to this anyway and have no hope.

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We're no longer just tolerating loot boxes in game we can get through game play, we're officially being manipulated into "buying now" through psychological effects and forced compulsions.

Blizzard, you're one step away from the line I've drawn in the sand. Cross it, and you'll boycotted for life. I will not follow you over it and I will not forgive you for crossing the threshold. Please don't end our relationship.

Taliesin, let's see how you spin this one, chief.

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