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The choice in the Horde story is not a vote

wow1 - The choice in the Horde story is not a vote

Guys, the choice in the Saurfang quests is not a vote on where the story will go/who will live or die. It's not. Bunch of people here and in the forums just said that they wished it was a vote and some other people took it as "it's a vote" and run with it. This is wrong, you are not voting for anything and by acting like you do, you are creating a dangerous trap for yourselves and for your fellow players.

This is not a vote. We have no control over where the story is going, we are just given the option to follow two different perspectives. By claiming it is a vote and acting like it, you are setting yourselves and the whole fandom up for disappointment and outrage.

They are not trying to gauge your preferences to decide where to take the story. They have just realized there are two different sides within Horde and decided to let players follow the exact same story based on their preferred side. That's it. It's a nice addition, but that's it.


Do not delude yourselves, source of almost all conflict in the world is violated expectations, and we are basically setting ourselves up for disappointment which will most certainly result in raging and toxicity within the fandom. Do not do that. Whether you prefer Sylvanas or Saurfang, the story is already written. Do not ascribe more meaning into the "choice" than what it actually is: Just an option to see the same story from different sides. Expect more, and you will be disappointed, and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Please, please, please, do not set up a massive manufactured outraged over this, please.

We may have all sorts of problems with the story, with the gameplay etc. and have outrage over it. But this… This will be entirely our own making and we will be the villains. Stop spreading false information. Play as you please, but please stop calling it a vote, because it isn't.

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