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The “classic vs retail” war is taking a toll on me as a returning player

wow5 - The "classic vs retail" war is taking a toll on me as a returning player

Hey, guys!

I am making this thread on a throwaway simple because I don't want it to be tied to my main account, even though I am pretty sure this will just be ignored and forgotten.

Either way, here it goes:

I returned to WoW some months ago, because it was always a game I loved and as an adult I have much more stability to pay for it. But especially because I wanted a MMORPG so I can have fun and have a escape to my everyday problems and stress.

Ironically, I feel like I've came back in the worst time possible.

When I heard about Classic I didn't really care about it. Personally, I like a game with continuity even if we get a couple of bad expansions from time to time. Classic is tied down to "one version" of the game so I never got much interested in it. That was it, I didn't have any other opinion about it, I just didn't care.

I also never imagined that it would bring the crapstorm we have today with the "classic vs retail" war.

Slowly but surely I began to feel really tired with the "retail bag, classic gud" mentallity. I started to avoid subreddits and the forums, but I like to feel involved with the community. it's a MMORPG after all.


As much as I try to avoid it I can't seem to escape it at all. Even on Youtube where I avoid those type of videos I still get the "Classic VS Retail" videos. It actually made me starting to dislike youtuber that I used to love like Nixxiom and BellularGaming simply because I can't handle one more video of "here's the top 10 subjective reasons which are totally objective reasons of why classic is perfect and retail is the worst thing ever".

These videos and mentality actually made me sick of Classic. I know that there's these kind of people on the 2 sides of the spectrum, but for every 1 video I get on my feed defending retail I get 20 more of "retail bad, classic gud".

I even started to thinking about switching games to ESO or something. I just haven't done it yet because I genuinely love WoW and I am hoping that after Classic comes out and the this "war" starts to stabilize people will just let it go an play their favore version of the game.

It may be silly to give so much "power" to random people on the internet, but this is a MMORPG after all, right? You play as a community and right now I feel like that I either ignore the community and play the game alone or continue to watch and dumb "war" for a game where people I supposed to have fun.

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