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The cray roadtrip of Alexandros Mograine’s soul – Lore catch up before Shadowlands – Minor spoilers!

wow1 - The cray roadtrip of Alexandros Mograine's soul - Lore catch up before Shadowlands - Minor spoilers!

Have you ever realised that Alexandros soul had one the craziest and restless adventures any soul has had?

First he dies when his son Renault, that little prick, stabs him with the Ashbringer. Bad way to go.

But there's no afterlife for him. Kel'Thuzad takes his soul immediately and raises him as a death knight, a Horseman no less!

He is forced to do lord knows what in the service of the Scourge until his other son, Darion, kills him and takes the sword with him.
Since he was one with the Ashbringer, his tormented soul is in the blade, so at least he is free from Kel'Thuzad.
But wait, need to make a stop at the Scarlet Monastery for some unfinished business really quick…

Done. Now can he rest?
Nop, his soul is still anchored to the corrupt sword. Don't worry, Lil'Darion has a plan!

Through Darion's sacrifice, the Light frees Alexandros soul. It's Afterlife Time™ baby!

So now Alexandros goes to Maldraxxus, not what he expected, but hey, better than eternal torment. In there he becomes a baron of the House of the Chosen.


It's impossible to pinpoint the exact timeline of the Ashbringer comic series, but we know that Alexandros died somewhere in the four years between The Frozen Throne and Vanilla WoW.

Fast forward to the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King and it's been a good eight years fighting for Maldraxxus in the Shadowlands. But wait, what's that? Someone needs him in Azeroth!
The Death Knight Starting Experience is happening and the Light in the area around Light's Hope Chapel calls upon souls from the life of the death knight's present. For Darion, is Alexandros.

(His appearance here is probably due to how Darion remembered him in life)

The connection with the souls of people once dear to them through the Light helps Darion and the other DK's to regain control over their own souls. All is fine, when all of a sudden…the Lich King appears and yoinks Alexandros soul. Oops!
Someone in Maldraxxus is very confused as to why brother Alex is not showing up…

Now it's two years of torture inside Frostmourne with King Terenas, a very grumpy King Anasterian and 1/2 of Uther.
Fast forward to the end of WotLK and the Ashbringer breaks Frostmourne, oh the irony.

We give Alexandros' Soul Shard to Darion and we get a horse

But now is for real, it's Afterlife Time™ baby…again!

And this is where Alexandros crazy soul trip story ends until Shadowlands. He's still gonna get in some adventures in the afterlife tho!

PS: Since the Ashbringer comic is canon, the vanilla version of the Four Horsemen fight is not canon. Most likely Baron Rivendare was there with the others when we assaulted Naxx.

Hope you enjoyed!

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