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The current state of Affliction

wow2 - The current state of Affliction

I’ve been playing lock since Wrath, it was my alt for Wrath and Cata then I mained it from MoP to this very day. Sure all classes and specs have changed much since then but idk if I’ve seen one change as much as affliction. Sure the DoTs have been the main focus the whole time thru but the play style has changed.

The current play style mix of Cata and soul shard nuke idea is boring. What ever happened to the motto “Easy to learn, difficult to master”? There is no skill involved in maintaining all dots and haunt. Hell, even when you’re nuking it’s just as easy. 5 UA’s darkglare and deathbolt, They even nerfed the potential damage deathbolt does by putting a cap on it.

I miss the MoP warlock, not the talents and trinkets that made it broken but the toolkit it had. Soulburn, Soulswap, Malefic grasp, Drain Soul. The whole Malefic grasp thing was awesome. Every time the drain ticked, it forced each of your other DoTs to tick. It put some skill into the spec. The spec was great at multi dotting and the drains were there to help single target out. The mechanic of soulburn empowering your next spell was satisfying. Makes me wish I was smarter back then so I could fully enjoy what it had to offer.

Wod affliction was just as fun imo. They did remove Malefic grasp but kept the idea of it. Drain soul for days. There was a new soulburn empowerment, Haunt. It made your dots hit harder and you had one badass of an animation while the effect lasted. I waited all expansion to use that talent. I wish I played Affliction more in WoD. I was enjoying that expansion’s incarnation of Demo while it lasted.


Legion Affliction was rocky at the start. It simmed to be garbage and people put it on the back burner. Then it just exploded, literally. Multipliers on top of multipliers multiplying your damage while multiplying it. By the end of it Affliction ruled supreme, they nerfed it but the tier bonus just reverted the change. The soul shard nuke and drain soul made the spec both fun and difficult. There was great satisfaction in getting off a great drain cycle and the meters showed it. There were damage multipliers everywhere in the spec. Some in talents, several in the artifact weapon and one in the final tier bonus. Blizzard created a monster with Legion Affliction. I honestly did not mind at all being held into one spec for most of the expansion.

I didn’t mind playing Affliction at the start of BFA because it was sorta new. No king rules forever. Affliction shifted its focus from multi dotting to a single target. It felt weird not being able to do what I did so well the expansions before. When given the opportunity I gladly changed to demo/ destruction. I heard there was blue post that blizzard said they’re going to retune Affliction so that it could multi dot again but I can’t find it.

I just love warlock too much just to see one of its specs not even a shell of its former self. I know everyone won’t agree with me and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this was mine.

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