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The Dark Portal showed us The End(The Future of World of Warcraft)

wow1 - The Dark Portal showed us The End(The Future of World of Warcraft)

So this is my first post on wow but after last night I just had to post something since well I came across a large revelation.

So for those who don't know an alleged "leak" came out, about the next WoW expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands or something to that effect, it was covered by Bellular and well watching the video it got me thinking about something. Something that someone showed us a long time ago, back in 2015.

Kilrogg Deadeye showed us how we die or a version of it.

Also Sylvanas doesn't seem to fall and will continue to be an important character as of the Blizzcon 2019 splash art.

In the Vision of Death sequence we are shown how we meet our "End" against the "Legion", with Alliance Players fighting in Stormwind Keep, and Horde in the Royal Quarter of the Undercity.

Its important to note that at the time it seems strange it was in the Undercity, Sylvanas was not yet the Warchief, and it wouldn't be until over a year later did we get that confirmation but it was a hint to the future of the game. But what about Stormwind?

Well in Legion we never meet our End, we went off into the Howling Dark, and defeated Sargeras and his minions. We changed our fate so to speak if that End was to be true. But what if its a future shown to be a misrepresentation.

The Legion aren't the key point but its things people will be drawn to usually, but here I think the Undercity, and Stormwind Keep were the big visions of the future and how they ultimately lead into the next expansion.

The Undercity was the Home of the Forsaken and in Legion Sylvanas becomes the Warchief, but the Undercity is plague bombed at the beginning of BFA. As I said before I believe what they showed us WAS the Future, a hint of to what was to come in Legion, Stormwind is the same but to understand we need to dive a bit into what the leaks are saying.

The leaks for Shadowlands imply that 8.3 is in fact a misdirection, something that fits with a certain character whose become prominent. Last Blizzcon we are lead to believe by the Fish in the splash art for 8.3 is that we will deal with N'Zoth, but much like N'Zoth according to the leaks Blizz pulls a fast one on us, instead the final encounters for BFA are Stormwind raid that pits us mostly against Sylvanas.

At the finale of the Raid, Sylvanas fights a combination of Alliance and Horde heroes and soldiers and before being struck down the raid is interrupted by Bolvar showing up. He comes in kills Lor'Themar(Why?) and then sides with the Alliance, afterwards the final fight begins, against the Alliance or the Horde depending on your faction. Eventually either side kills their Factions leader after killing every other important lore character and then their leader and their champions dies from their wounds.


Afterwards Helya's pact with Sylv shows up again revealing this was all according to plan because the Void and the Old Gods can't really combat Death or at the minimum view them as the true enemy. So we go to the Shadowlands to eventually slip into N'Zoth's and the other Old Gods sanctuary and throw down with them.

Overall I don't know how to feel about these leaks, they don't seem….that amazing? I guess it could be interesting but it seems so random for the Lich King to waltz in and just kill a random person and then the factions just go back to fighting when the raid has implications that its a team up effort like Siege of Orgrimmar. But I think Stormwind as a raid itself HAS potential to be factual and may lead into the next expansion.

Part of Kilrogg's encounter has been proven to be in some sense factual, the use of the Undercity is a hint of Sylvanas' rise to power. Our deaths against the Legion after all would likely be with our King or Warchief respectfully, so it makes sense in the context of what we know now, but since we didn't die against the Legion I find it unlikely Blizz would just not use what was hinted at.

My belief is that yes, Stormwind WILL be important in the future, in Before the Storm Sylvanas blatantly confirms she wants Stormwind for herself. I think its possible the Assault on Thunder Bluff will be a feint like the leaks say, Sylv sacks Stormwind and at that moment N'Zoth sends agents into the city to corrupt people.

We go stop her and she either escapes, Helya's Pact goes off, or we're convinced she's needed for the future, then it goes either two ways.

  1. Is a partial confirmation of the leaks being true, Helya and Sylv found a way into the Old Gods Sanctuary and its in the Shadowlands, so we keep Sylv alive for now and she gives us a way in.

  2. What I personally would prefer is well Sylv is still needed for the future, in this commotion a new landmass is unearthed or ships start appearing on the East of the Eastern Kingdoms or West of Kalimdor. Implying they are from the back half of the continent and these ships are minions of the Old Gods, as N'Zoth begins to bring about the return of the Black Empire.

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