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The excitement for Allied Races is already gone for me

wow4 - The excitement for Allied Races is already gone for me

When these were first announced I was floored- finally we were getting cool alternate options for existing races. Lightforged were awesome, Highmountain were a cool addition to the world, Nightborne and Void Elves seemed like a cool way to introduce more elves into the story. Needing to create an entirely new character and get to max level in order to achieve heritage armor seemed daunting, but hey- it's something new to do!

And then we got 4 more announced for BfA, except this time the reputations you need aren't earned through neutral factions you can earn on both Horde and Alliance. Instead the grind is now doubled. So I can earn the Alliance races, but I'll have to level up a Horde character, hit max, grind the rep, then I can start leveling a Mag'har Orc to 120… The will isn't there.

And the illusion of Allied Races is already broken. Dark Iron dwarves should have been a customization option for existing dwarves, just as the Mag'har should have been for existing Orc characters. Creating a Lightforged Draenei could have been an awesome experience- level a normal Draenei to max, undergo the trial, and become Lightforged! See your character that you've been playing advance in a new way! Instead you abandon any existing characters for the (let's be honest) much cooler Lightforged character that you're just now making that carries no history of playtime or dedication.


And what happens when Wildhammer dwarves are inevitably put in? 3 Dwarf races? Are we going to continue shoving the base races away in favor of these more exotic reskins? I would love a Kul'tiran, I would love more customization for my existing human. Why can't I create that image for the character I've been playing for over a decade? Why do I have to abandon them completely if I want to have something as simple as an appearance?

Obviously the answer is completely new races= more time spent leveling and thus more time subbed. I'm not blind to that. But it's a damn shame that the races and player characters we've dedicated so much time and love towards get nothing while upgraded versions of them get so much more character. Heritage armor is a step in the right direction, but I want to see the old races get just as much love to be the badasses they are as the new Allied Races are receiving

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Just a rant

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