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The Future of Classic in r/wow – Mod Apps within!

wow1 - The Future of Classic in r/wow - Mod Apps within!

Good afternoon r/wow,

This is a follow-up on our discussion about the future of Classic posts in r/wow which took place in r/wowmeta and can be read here. Thank you to all who gave feedback.

We've decided to continue to allow Classic content in r/wow. We're introducing more reliable means for users who don't care about Classic to not have to see it. Last week we added Classic specific Link Flairs which utilize all our most popular flairs along with some others, and we'll be recruiting new mods to enforce Link Flair more rigorously around launch.

Link Flair is mandatory in r/wow for all posts, and so we believe that with users properly utilizing this system they can create the subreddit experience they want without us having to ban Classic content outright. Those that still want to see Classic posts can do nothing and they will see Classic posts as they always have. If you're unfamiliar with Link Flair, it's what Reddit calls the tag next to the title on a submission, "Discussion, "Humor / Meme" etc.

We have a guide for filtering Reddit here, which includes numerous mobile apps.

In addition, we'd like to mention the divisiveness between the Classic and "Retail" communities. We're seeing a lot of comments where people state that one game is great and the other is dogshit, personally attacking other users for liking something that they don't. If you see people stoking the flames, report them and they will be dealt with. Make no mistake that these people are a minority and do not represent either the Classic or "Retail" communities.


We're still working out how our regular stickies (such as Tanking Tuesday) will be affected. We'll have an announcement closer to Classic launch on that.

Apply to be a Flair Mod

Our intention with the Flair mods is that they will strictly enforce Link Flair for all posts with a focus on Classic ones, as well as report comments to the other moderators where people are attacking each other or trolling the Classic / Retail divide.

Link Flair is not perfect – users can set whatever flair they want when posting, but it doesn't necessarily mean that's the right one to use. With rigorous enforcement, those that want to avoid Classic will be able to successfully do that and not have to avoid the subreddit.

Those who take this task seriously and contribute may be considered for a full moderator position.

Apply here:

We'll be revisiting this topic a few months after Classic launch and will be soliciting feedback from the community again at that time.

– The r/wow Mod Team

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