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The Hivemind journey is amazing.

wow5 - The Hivemind journey is amazing.

Tonight, for the first time in years for me in this game, I was giddily excited for doing something in WoW. Just grabbing a random pug and getting in discord with people that arent guildies and have no connection with each other isnt always a good experience but this time it definitely was.

We had our fair share of issues doing the mount, and despite following the guide meticulously, it felt like we were working out the puzzles on our own through trial and error. Completing each step fade us feel excitement, and it didnt just peak when we completed the Jumping puzzle. When we finally clicked the Hivemind, we cheered in Discord like we were Method getting the World First Mythic clear of a raid.

The mount itself is undoubtedly cool and has the unqiue perk of carrying multiple people and being the fastest mount in the game when your original group members ride it, but to me the design is a sold 4.5/7, but everything behind getting it makes it stand out in my memory more than most mounts that I have, and I'm a collector.


There's so many problems in the game the game right now, but this puzzle quest really felt like I was an adventurer exploring the unknown, doing challenging content, for a really cool reward. It's really great that stuff like this exists.

My groupmates and I took turns riding our mounts at max speed which was really cool, and we parted knowing that we probably wont come across each other ever to get that max speed again, but I for one will remember this as one of my favorite WoW experiences. In BfA noless.

I know many people feel like theres no content right now thats worthwhile, but I highly recommend to grab a few of your guildies that havent quit, or just PUG it like I did. I'm sure itll be frustrating, but definitely worth it in the end.

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