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The Hivemind restriction is bad and doesn’t feel “prestigeous”

wow10 - The Hivemind restriction is bad and doesn't feel "prestigeous"

So it turns out you are supposed to be only able to mount up with the 4 people you last did the quest with. (not working as intended tho)

Since I did it with total randoms (because it's holliday season and my guild is dead anyways) – now everytime I want to have a friend to fly with me and get the bonus speed I not only have to take him through the quest, I also have to do the quest on alts to get the bonus of people mounting up with me?

Seems pretty lame. Even worse, it's now even less likely to find groups for this in the future when you allready have your established 5 man hivemind group that can mount up and get the 40% boost for worldquests or world pvp – even non rated battlegrounds.

What do you guys think?

Edit: So this blew up, some things to clarify:

  1. It's not me who coined the term "Prestigeous" – that's from the tweet I linked

  2. I'm not complaining about endless people being able to mount up on it, I think that's cool and allows for cheesy tactics (You're a trojan horse with that.)

  3. I'm not complaining about the 40% MS buff, that's cool as well

  4. Im complaining about the unfair/annoying point that comes when you have to repeat the quest again and again with your current group of 4 best friends whenever

  • one of you leaves

  • one of you switches to an alt (not right now but how the function was intended)

  • you have more than 4 friends

But most people in the comment can explain it way better than me. My English vocabulary is too limited to express exactly what I'm trying to say whether it's problematic.

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