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The Increasing Goldshire Presence; Pedophilia, Manipulation, Predatory Behavior, Stalkers, and More.

wow10 - The Increasing Goldshire Presence; Pedophilia, Manipulation, Predatory Behavior, Stalkers, and More.

The information in this post may be offensive for some viewers to read. Beware ahead as it's going to go into stalker-like behavior, child abuse, emotional manipulation, and more. I feel as time goes on, this needs to be addressed by Blizzard, and to an extent, the community. Please bear in mind I am not familair with reddit formatting.

Hello everyone. I am from the Moon Guard server, which many of you may know as degenerate central. In actuality, most of the roleplay that happens within the server is tame and normal. What people mostly think about is Goldshire and the people that go there.

For years, this has been the norm; you go there to engage in 'erotic roleplay'. That's where you go, and no one bats an eye. The community knows it, and of course, Blizzard knows it as well. Perhaps the inaction on Blizzard's part is to keep it contained so it doesn't spread across the in-game world (i.e Stormwind, Darnassus, etc). Sadly, inaction has gone too long and people are starting to normalize degenerate, if not illegal behavior. These people have been left unquestioned and unsupervised for too long. Enough is enough.

Most people on the server utilize addons using the 'Mary Sue Protocol', which lets you set up an RP profile. Most uses of this are fine and used in normal RP all the time. These addons include 'TRP3', 'XRP', and 'MRP'. However, in Goldshire it is a way to get above Blizzard's ToS. (I am aware that you can report addons now. This does next to nothing in my experience.)


Below are the list of things that you can find within Goldshire on Moon Guard. This is after years of being on the server:

  • People RPing underage characters to engage in 'erotic roleplay'.
  • People RPing animals to engage in 'erotic roleplay'.
  • People grooming underaged players.
  • People blackmailing others into performing sexual acts.
  • People stalking others out of the game.
  • People blackmailing others for money.
  • People sharing images of questionable things within their RP profile.

These issues need to be addressed by Blizzard soon. They have let Goldshire become a hive of unchecked degenerates for so long. There is no reason why someone who is RPing an underage character within Goldshire, who has been mass reported, is still active.

To Blizzard:

Your inaction is starting to create a haven for predators. There's acting out your fantasies online, and then there's this. These people are criminals, using your game to bypass the law to create their own twisted, sick fantasies. I have reported these people, but nothing has happened.

Sincerely, a concerned player.

Edit: I know this is an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. But downvoting someone speaking up about it is enabling them further.

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