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The Issue with Character Customization

wow7 - The Issue with Character Customization

I've been playing WoW pretty consistently for 10 years, and I honestly think the character customization is lackluster for a subscription based MMO in 2018. I understand that it's an old game, and it runs on an old engine but with the effort put into the store mounts I don't think i'm asking for much. It doesn't seem like a huge issue, but I feel like it's a bit unacceptable for the amount of money they have to develop this game…

  • Why are eye colors gated behind faces? It feels kinda unfair that our player characters have so little options when NPCs look amazing.
  • With certain races, things like piercings will also change your nose or your ears.
  • Nightborne. They were so awesome and had so much potential. WHY do they have so few hairstyle/color options? There isn't any reason that I shouldn't be able to pick a nice purple or a blue instead of the basically 3 options that I have. The faces all basically look the same, even though there's a lot of them they really are just the same face but tweaked slightly. I can't even tell which face my character is using. Also, 3 skin colors? Really?
  • They haven't added any new hairstyles for the classic races since WotLK. The model updates in WoD would have been a perfect opportunity to make the character customization more in depth.

TLDR: There is so much they could do with the customization to help it keep up with the times. I LOVE WoW and I have loved WoW for a long time, but I was expecting by now that the customization would be better. The allied races are a great start but overall some of them are disappointing. I think the older races deserve some love too, and I think that a major overhaul of the customization would be a great addition to the game as a whole. Yes, BFA has a ton of other issues but this has been sticking out to me over the course of the past 5 years, and I would love to hear other player's opinions on this topic.

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