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The modern wow gearing system and how it can be changed for the better.

wow7 - The modern wow gearing system and how it can be changed for the better.

Before getting into my ideas, let's quickly recap the system we have right now.

-Normal dungeons 340+, heroic 355+, mythic 0 370+

-Mythic+ end of run rewards(+2 up to+10) 375+ up to 400+ Mythic+ weekly chest rewards 380+ up to 410+

-BoD: Lfr 370+, normal 385+, heroic 400+, mythic 415+

-Rated pvp, (unranked up to gladiator) end of match rewards 370-405 Rated pvp weekly chest rewards: 385-415.

-Gear from daily emissaries (when present) 385+

-Weekly World PvP quest (when present) 385+

-Warfront quest rewards 370+ and 400+ Warfront world boss from the rotation 370+ and 400+

  • Weekly Rotation events (timewalking and 4 mythic 0 specifically) awarding 385+ and 400+ from raid loot table.

So here's the fundamental issues that I see, from an rpg view:

1- the amount of gear you get access to, as soon as you hit max level, is absolutely ludicrous. There's nothing stopping you from getting huge jumps in power in a day, let alone a week, with no requirements other than time investment.

2- If you are not putting effort getting better gear (raiding, PvP, mythic+), the game has different gearing methods that do not require game knowledge, or class knowledge, they simply require you to do simple tasks, like world quests, warfronts, weekly rewards at the lowest level, which reward the player with good gear.

3-If you are patient enough you can easily get a character around 390 395 item level mark ~ without ever stepping in a raid, a rated PvP environment, or anything higher than a +2 keystone.

What does this imply? The moderately difficult content, like: raiding normal mode , +4 until +6 mythic+, rated 1400, which is a huge step up in difficulty from world quests and warfronts, is made completely irrelevant reward wise.


This means that the player who has geared up through the new systems has its first upgrades from heroic raiding, mythic+7->+10, or challenger rated PvP (1600-1800).

This system is incredibly unfriendly to new players. It gives them high quality loot, and then throws them in a content that is way above and beyond what they are used to, and expects them to deal with it for upgrades, or give up on it and stay where they are, without any objective/purpose in the game to look forward to.

The gearing system should strictly follow the difficulty curve, so that players are able to comfortably get progressively better at the game while feeling like their character is improving with them, equipment wise.

Gear rewards, sorted by item level, are much like currency being rewarded for different activities: by overpaying a certain activity, all you obtain is devaluing all other activities, to the point where they are not worth doing.

P.S:I will note that this issue is a much bigger deal than warforging-titanforging, and, in my mind, it has very little to do with it. That said, I don't think it's a great game design.

The current system still works for the people at the top, as they are doing the most engaging and difficult content to get the best gear (gladiator, spamming +10s, mythic raiding), but it really is unbalanced for the average player, which is a big issue. All players at the top, no exception, used to be average players at some point. They found a good system which incentivised them to pursue better rewards through harder content, and they keep doing that to this day.

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