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The one thing that annoys me more than anything is how Blizz has set out to make all classes feel meaningless

wow3 - The one thing that annoys me more than anything is how Blizz has set out to make all classes feel meaningless

I think asmongold mentioned something about this before and it resounded with me. In wrath of the lich King, you were made to feel like a champion or hero. The classes were literally built around that. Every class was unique and brilliant in its own way. But over the last 526 expansions, blizzard has slowly chipped away at the identity of each class until now where it feels like every class is absolutely meaningless and you're just a random player with no identity.

Let me give you a spectacular example: paladins. I absolutely despise paladins, yet I played one in burning Crusade. They used to have seals, auras, divine intervention, a quest where you literally had to go and get your paladin mount as if it was a rite of passage. Now? They have no more auras, no seals, no paladin quest for your mouth. You literally just get your mount randomly now. They took out almost all of the utility paladins had that made them unique. They were always support classes that really helped out in raids and helped you work as a team. you can't cast divine intervention on anyone anymore, you can't benefit them with your auras. You're just a meaningless warrior of the light.

they butchered talents just to make them more simplified, so now, all players are basically the same with extremely limited choices that you can make. if you didn't play back in burning Crusade you should see the talent calculator he's from back then. You could do whatever the heck you wanted. Anything. You could be a hybrid. You can pick tons of talents as you saw fit. Maces, swords, daggers. The possibilities were endless. it made it feel like you are a kid in a candy store because there were so many choices you can make. Now? You have literally 10 talents, and each tier of talents makes it plain and obvious which choice is the best as there's always one or two that are trivial or don't really give much benefit. But these talent make it so that you don't really have much you can do with your character. They turned characters in this game from Optimus Prime, who can change forms completely at will, to a freaking stock Toyota Prius which you can't possibly change anything on save for the spoiler, the wheels, maybe changing the color of your paint. I feel like that's a good analogy for how characters are now. They are so meaningless

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The result of this in my opinion has been very dire and disastrous to the game. Everyone is just a random soldier now. No character or class is unique in any way. They've completely butchered classes and made them so malformed that they resemble nothing at all of what they were when the game was created and not in a good way. They haven't changed in a way that you would think hey, this is so much better and improved. no, they've changed in such a way where you can go look up a talent build online and find the talents that are best in slot that 99.99% of everyone else uses because the other choices are absolute crap

Legion… if you didn't read anything else, at least read this. It doesn't help that in Legion they implemented class Halls which made us feel like true heroes and had some class identity, but then discontinued it in battle for Azeroth. They replaced our special weapons that we really loved, and weapons skins, and took them away for no reason at all other than to replace them with a stupid ass necklace. This part gets me a little bit bitter because they were finally doing something amazing and they were finally getting back on the right track and they just said fu*k it. Like a bad parent decided to take their children's toys away for no reason whatsoever, they just took away all of our artifact weapons we spent the entire expansion joyfolie trying to get customizations for hoping that we would be able to use them for expansions to come and feel like heroes in his Golden era. But no. They made us feel this glimmer of hope and feel so excited about getting these artifact weapons and having our own class identity only for them to just take it away from us for no reason whatsoever other than a stupid story point. it's literally insulting that they discovered something that players truly enjoyed, that we loved these weapon customizations, we've loved getting these weapons and having them, and they just take them away. I know so many players are super salty that they got ashbringer finally. Finally. Oh, you like this? Sorry, we are removing this next expansion for no reason. Sorry, you can't use it or have it

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TL;DR: Blizzard has made characters useless by stripping them of their identifying features, implemented dumbed-down talent trees that give you no differentiation from other players. Talents are now designed so that there is usually a best choice and the others are silly. They implemented class halls and then swiftly removed them for no reason

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