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The problem with Musclebrah

wow7 - The problem with Musclebrah

Musclebrah is a World of Warcraft streamer that currently averages around two thousand viewers during the day. He competed in a WoW M+ tournament called the MDI where he got noticed first about two years ago and has grown his channel from there. He is Turkish but lives in Germany.

So what is his stream like. He gives political opinions on his stream and bans anyone who disagrees with him, while also banning anyone who gives a slight jab at him. He keeps saying that his stream is his "family" and his stream is about the "good vibes" but in reality he has mods that keep banning people for really minor things and who verbally abuse the viewers in chat. He tricked people into watching him by being the "rank 1 rio player". This is another example of how bad and meaningless score is, but that's another can of worms, but here is the reason why he is not really and never was the rank 1 rogue: The MDI. He got rank 1 when everyone else was practicing for the MDI, so it's pretty much like winning at 100 meter dash and say you're the best when everyone else competing was still tying their shoes. I've heard some counter arguments saying that he was in the MDI last year and got second place there and should be recognized for that, just like Michael Jordan is recognized to this day. The problem with that is, that the MDI, and esports general, haven't even hit their ten year mark yet. Michael Jordan was active for thirteen years, not for one or two tournaments or seasons. Even games that will soon have a decade of history in tournaments, like League of Legends, forget people like him. Who remembers players like aAa.kujaa, who got second place in the first "Worlds" Championship. They might have been the best briefly, but a truly great player and athlete will have more wins under their name.

He has said things on stream like that he supports the current President of Turkey Erdogan, who basically is a mass murderer in my opinion by rallying civilians against a fully mobile army, but he supports him cause Musclebrah is moving to Turkey. He quit retail WoW to go in for the Classic WoW release hype to get more viewers and then moves to Turkey to get lower taxes, and that's why he supports people like Erdogan who assure that those taxes keep low. Of course it is completely legal to move to your home country, but would you support someone like Erdogan for your greed.

Also, he sells m+ boosts for real life money. He isn't stupid, it's actually very clever, he managed to twist the Terms of Service by making the players who get to his m+ boosts by making it a raffle. For those who don't know, basically he has this points for the raffle. You can get a chance to get to his boosts by having enough of these points which you get from watching his stream or bypassing the points completely by subbing to him. But in reality it is still real money trading, but indirectly, which is the reason he hasn't been banned yet. Actually, to give him some credit, he might not know it is, because he doesn't realize one simple thing about M+: Pugging is very hard. It's also not very fun, especially in lower 7 to 13 keys I would say. It's the equivalent of what the MOBA community has dubbed, the trench.


"Being in the trench" is a state of mind, where you create a hypothetical place in lower Elo or MMR rankings called the trench, and you have this idea that you are better than these low Elo players but cannot climb in the ranking because of your teammates. Typically these people who think they are in the trench rage a lot, call out people for mistakes and won't focus on their own or create excuses for their own mistakes and generally tend to be very toxic. Because of this mentality, there exists a very big boosting scene in atleast Dota 2. People are so bad at using their brains that they think by buying their account they will get to finally play in their "real" skill level. This of course, never happens. Those accounts that get boosted always start to drop down in ranking very fast when the player who bought them starts playing with it.

So what has this go to do with Musclebrah. Well, imagine you are a player who thinks they should deserve higher rio, and then they get the chance to give someone 5 euros with a higher chance to get into his group and get a almost 100% guarantee rise on their score. Of course you're going to give him the money, you don't want to struggle with these bad players, when you can just bypass it, and get to the REAL rankings. If Musclebrah did it for gold, completely fine, but to give his chat a higher chance of getting to his group by giving him money, not fine. Also don't give me that "he does it for his supporters". Excuse me my French, but B U L L S H I T. This is one of those hypocritical things that he does on his stream. He tells his stream that they are his family, and we are all about the good vibes, but you're not equal, people who have money have more privileges. Also, someone else has to confirm this, to get enough points for his raffle don't you need to watch him for like a month? That to me feels like those "F2P" games where basic things like running are unlocked by spending weeks playing or just money to get it right now. If it was a week, maybe two days, sure. But a month. Fuck off.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that you are able to get those points for joining the raffle by donating or giving bits. EDIT2: You can go to his channel and click below on the "Rewards" link. So more money equals more chances to get into groups.

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    Ethan D Chopson
    Feb 01, 2020 7:33 am

    It’s about time says something about this guy. Just like a typical streamer he only cares when people sub and donate to him and only truly cares for them to get close to them. If they can’t do anything for him than he doesn’t consider you family. Funny, that people who gift subs and donate the most of he time are his mods.

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