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The struggles of a Female Pandaren continues in 9.0

wow6 - The struggles of a Female Pandaren continues in 9.0

Hey everyone!

It's been about a month since the first time I asked for you wonderful peoples support to raise awareness of some of the issues that are facing Female Pandarens in 9.0. We have done a great job, but alas, there is no sign of change. The time has come.
4qYKJQh - The struggles of a Female Pandaren continues in 9.0

I'm here to ask your help once again.

Here is the first post that I have made which details the many issues that are STILL plaguing our wonderful Pandarens. There are issues ranging from changing animations on Bloodthirst, Eviscerate and Envenom, to more involved problems with the Pandaren model, such as the textures on their tail nubs are wrong, or missing, or the old problem with the neck seam.

I have reported this problems twice in-game during the beta. I also posted about it twice on the forums. I tweeted at Ion, and the WarcraftDevs account too. I don't want these problems to be forgotten about, and be overlooked, so the only way is to make enough noise for them to notice and urge them into action.

I understand that there are more pressing issues with the upcoming launch, and I don't expect some of these issues to be resolved even if they are made aware of it now. However, having the animation of Bloodthirst, Eviscerate and Envenom be changed

after having the

(between 0:04 – 0:06), is completely unacceptable to me. This is something that seriously affects how my pandaren warrior, or rogue feels when I play her. It is a really cool, and unique move that was changed into something that is barely, if at all noticeable. It takes away from how awesome your character feels, and that should NEVER happen. We shouldn't change things to be worse. I don't know if it's a mistake, or intended, but it should be addressed and fixed either way.

So, my fellow WoW players. Help me make some noise here to get the attention of our developers, so that we can get these problems cleaned up for our furry friends. Imagine how happy they are going to be, when they wake up one day, and the new patch log would actually show something wonderful to them. It's like Christmas. Let's get them, and any new panda an early Christmas present, what do you guys say? Let's gooooo!

Thank you, and I wish you all a great time in the afterlife!

edit: Thank you everyone for the outpouring love and support for our fellow pandarens out there! We continue to show Blizzard that Emperor Shaohao didn't give his last breath to save Pandaria, so that his people would have to put up with subpar combat animations, and neck problems! Thank you for helping to raise awareness! You are all amazing!

edit2: Thank you for the continued support! I would like to take this opportunity to highlight an amazing post on the forums by /u/SkyCakeLight detailing several issues with Female Pandaren animations. There is well made video evidence to show these problems too for everyone to see.

edit3:The twirl animation is back! It's on the PTR and the Beta too! Woohooooo! The tail nubs have also been fixed. I do think that this couldn't have been possible without the awesome help of everyone here and the tireless work of people who kept on reporting these problems. There are of course still several problems left to address, but the list just grew shorter. Thank you to our developers for listening and fixing these problems for us! 🙂

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