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The tone of this Blizzard CM responding to complaints about WF/TF really rubs me the wrong way

wow6 - The tone of this Blizzard CM responding to complaints about WF/TF really rubs me the wrong way

So I saw that Warforging/Titanforging controversy was trending on wowhead's Blue Tracker:

I'm just going to point out the two most contradictory things he said:


Let’s be clear here that “zero effort” isn’t literally zero effort. It’s shorthand for an amount of effort so minimal as to be trivial.


I see what you are saying about the “zero effort”, but in a related conversation, if you are doing all of the sources of gear it does take time and a commitment. Do you feel that if someone is doing an organized raid for 4ish hours a week they should without question be a higher item level than someone who doesn’t raid but likes to do a variety of different things – often by themself – but plays for 20ish hours a week?


Now it seems based on what you have said is that the developers want us to do all aspects of the game in order to get gear and the challenge we have sought. You can no longer focus on things that appeal to you, now you have to jump in all things for the satisfaction you used to get.


Why do you feel you need to do all of the content? You can do the content that you enjoy and you will get rewarded for it. Yes, there are other avenues to gear up and it makes sense to do a bunch of them if you are pushing content, but how come it’s not optional based on your play style/time? There can be long gaps where I don’t do any PvP and could be missing out on gear but that only affects me if I’m trying to squeeze out every item level – I prefer to just focus on things I want to do with the time I have.

So in the first thing he argues that, with all forms of playtime being equal, more playtime = better gear, and that by spreading out the amount of time it takes to get gear across all forms of play, the gear is more easily obtainable.

Then, on the same day, in the same thread, he tells a player that paying attention to all of these various avenues at once is pointless unless you're "trying to squeeze out every item level," as if that's not a huge part of the game and not an admirable thing for players to strive to do. It's as if you took a couch back to the furniture store because it was squeaky, and they were like, "well, yeah, if you sit on it, like, ALL the time. do you really care THAT much about our couches? if you only sit on it a little bit, why should you care that other companies make better couches? c'mon, it's not even that squeaky."

I can give him the benefit of the doubt when he asks these questions and imagine that he's being genuinely inquisitive about it, but when he says "Why do you feel you need to do all of the content?" I can't help but hear "well, yeah, I guess you wOuLd feel like you need to do all the content… you know, if you played like an iDiOt."

One more quote for the road:

In your opinion, should mythic plus and organized raiding be the only sources of loot and everything else gives some flatline blue gear?


This is blatant, intellectually dishonest misdirection. It's textbook bad faith to extrapolate a request to an unreasonable exaggeration of itself, and tell the person who just requested that if they wouldn't like it that extreme way, then they'll just have to deal with it the way things are, as if middle grounds don't exist. Obviously nobody is saying that you shouldn't get halfway decent gear without raiding. They're just saying that when curbstomping an unloseable 20v1 PvE scenario twice a month gives you the same gear as the second highest tier of the hardest content in the game, it's a problem. For us to say that, and then for him to turn around and say "WeLL i GuEsS yOu wAnT EVERYTHinG to bE 360 oUTsIdE of DaZaR'aLoR huH!!?" is just so petulant that it makes me wonder if he honestly believes that that's a legitimate question or if he's actually being financially incentivised to troll us after seeing those less willing to walk the company line get laid off the other day.

I actually am not one to bandwagon onto dev hate, for what it's worth for me to say that. A lot of times when people cry ded gaem, i roll my eyes. like, that last Q&A Ion did, i know everyone jumped down his throat for the "i can't find the PvP vendor" thing, but all in all i think he gave us a lot of qualitative information we didn't know before. and as much as i hate to admit it, i do still have fun playing this game sometimes.

it just feels more and more like addiction lately, in the way i keep begging myself to unsub, but then get drawn back in by their hooks of, "oh look, but no, if i unsub now i'll have to wait another year for the valentine's hearthstone…" and when i'm doing so much in other areas of my life to be more mindful and try to better myself, (this is kind of besides the point but i'm sober? like i'm a drug addict and i finally kicked my habit a li'l over a year ago,) to see myself unable to pull myself away from this game despite the growing awareness that it's damaging my quality of life to play it…

given that i'm coming at it from that sort of direction (not saying everyone is, don't @ me,) it would be nice if, like, when i went to listen to what the devs have to say about this game i used to adore, they would give me they impression that they really do love WoW, that the people who actually make this game it are separate and apart from the corporate overlords who just fired all those people, and that they're really doing their best to keep it fun and engaging.

but when i'm met with this, it just… idk, man. i keep holding on hope that they'll manage to pull another "good" expansion out of their asses in like a year and a half, but in the meantime i'm pretty much just keeping up with timegated stuff, soloing easy-mode Legion stuff, and farming mounts/achievements/mogs/titles. it's kind of fun, actually, to just look at it like a single-player sandbox game that happens to have people you can chat with in your guild box. it works for me. but i groan every time i do current content. i only do it because i feel obligated to, because being ilvl 390 feels like the least i can do to keep up with everyone else.

but that's kind of my point. this game is starting to feel more and more like work, and what's even worse than the FEELING of being trapped in a Skinner box is when people reach out to blizz, and they have the audacity to turn back and shake our hand with soiled vaseline still on their palms, smile like used car salesmen, and tell us that we're just the minority, and that in fact everyone who plays this game is very much having fun. "our market research shows…" "actually, many players are…" and somehow we just can't see it because, depending on who's complaining about what, we're either not committed ENOUGH to the game, or we take it too seriously and are pushing away the casual crowd. either way, i'm starting to lose hope that these devs will ever truly communicate with us with anything besides something along the lines of that we want the wrong things, we don't play the game right, and at the end of the day we're all just too pleb to understand their cosmic-brain definition of what makes for fun, fulfilling, competitive, and compelling gameplay.

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