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The Twilights Hammer controls Dalaran

wow2 - The Twilights Hammer controls Dalaran

I just logged into my alt and ran past The Eventide, then it all became clear.

First things first. Lets talk about how the statue looks. You see the spiky formations? Well, look again. Go to the circle of elements in Orgrimmar or Stormwind and look at the twilight highlands portal. The Spiky formations there are suspiciously similar

Now, the second point is, look at the energy the eventide channels. As seen per void elf, the void and twilight is no longer strictly bound by purple colors. It can now be blue aswell. And it channels the same way many spikes do near the bastion of the twilight.

Now, The one thing that gives it all away. WHAT is the name of the Twilights Hammer Theme? Yes you got that right. ITS CALLED THE EVENTIDE! Same name of the Statue


Lets take it to the next level. What is Rhonins most known Quote? "Citizens of Dalaran! Raise your eyes to the skies and observe!". Yes, this was the message after you defeat Alagon, but what did Alagon say? He would make the titans destroy Azeroth is case of corruption. If you go to Deepholm, and take to the skies, you can see Nzoth as we've debunked for nearly a year ago. Additionaly the expansion that came afterwards was the Cataclysm. Now, what is the one thing the old gods fear the most? The Alliance and the Horde. What do they want? Them to fight so they weaken each other.

The Eventide is a depiction of Rhonin. The Same person that was killed by Garrosh. You know what happened after he died? The Horde and Alliance began fighting

And its not the first time the Kirin tor has sparked a conflict between Alliance and Horde. Remember the Divine bell? Jaina Slaughtering Sunreavers in the streets. Interestingly, MoP was also a PvP Expansion. The Divine bell contain the powers of an old god aswell.

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