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The Twofold Light, a fanmade expansion concept

wow7 - The Twofold Light, a fanmade expansion concept


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This is an expansion concept I started some years ago and thought I could share it with you guys while it's still a WIP.

This concept has been
2212051 The Twofold Light a fanmade expansion idea Development thread - The Twofold Light, a fanmade expansion concept

posted in MMO Champion as well for quite some time, which is where I notify people of updates. I also keep up a wordpress blog where I -try- to keep everything cute and curated. There are much more details on the blog than there are in MMO.

The Twofold Light is something you could call an "Outlandish" expansion because it's set in the Twisting Nether, just like Outland (yay, floating islands again!). I want it to feel somewhat like Mists of Pandaria. Remember the feeling of discovery, new lore, fresh stuff, with no marked big bad guys around (sorry, Garrosh). Instead, I want The Twofold Light to be something you could say it's new and refreshing.

So well *unfolds a large map scroll* here's were we'll head to in the expansion!

K'aresh General Map

How do we get here, though? It's a long story.

It started back in Shattrath, when A'dal received a signal from another Naaru called M'ara, from the Twisting Nether. A'dal summons the champions of the Light of both factions: Lady Liadrin, Turalyon, Alleria, Velen, Ishanah and Voren'thal, but the meeting doesn't really go as planned. The greater presence of members of the Alliance in the room makes the Horde's participation increasingly obnoxious, but Liadrin listens nevertheless. The Horde leaders know of this, and seize the opportunity to thwart the Alliance's efforts to organize an expedition to where A'dal believes M'ara's sent the signal beacon from.

The Alliance seeks allies among the Ethereals, who could be of potential diplomatic interest in such a voyage. However, Alleria's presence is not as well seen as Turalyon's, which becomes the Horde's ace in the sleeve. In the end, the Ethereals who trust the words of charismatic Turalyon join the Alliance alongside Commander Ameer from The Protectorate, whereas Nexus-Prince Haramad and other suspicious Ethereals resort to join the Horde upon seeing their brothers and sisters gather with the Alliance.


The recently come Vindicaar proves a useful vessel to travel the Twisting Nether. The Horde isn't as lucky, but Voren'thal, Tae'thelan and Liadrin, who had become members of a reformed Convocation of Silvermoon suggest 'reclaiming' the Tempest Keep. The Scryers (and secretly the Horde alongside Haramad) take part in a mutiny within the Tempest Keep and manage to take hold of it right before the Alliance are able to do anything.

In short, while the Alliance has a relatively smooth trip to K'aresh, the Horde is set on a turbulent spacetravel to find M'ara.

So what else does The Twofold Light have?

Be my guest and join me as I continue writing up The Twofold Light <3

I'm eager to know what you think!

Love you!

PS: I don't know what flair does this fall into, help me please D:

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