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The War of Thorns has NOT Been Retconned

wow1 - The War of Thorns has NOT Been Retconned

UPDATE: As BussyBlastBismallah (thanks for taking time to explain) pointed out in the comments, "retcon" can have several meanings. I should specify that when I say the War of Thorns has not been retconned by these quests, I mean that it is not saying the events are no longer canon and that Teldrassil didn't burn down anymore. Unless Blizzard says otherwise, the War of Thorns still happened in WoW lore.

(Deleted and reposted this because I was in a hurry to quell the confusion and left some embarrassing typos in the title in my rush, sorry about that).

So I've been informed on twitter that on this reddit a series of tweets I had made caused people to believe that Teldrassil was retconned. I don't understand that, but I will explain in more detail what's going on in the new starting experience.

When you complete Exile's Reach, you are then sent to Stormwind and, after a quest that gives you a mount and a quest that teaches you how inns and hearthstones work, are immediately sent to a new version of the Kul Tiras intro. The dialogue is completely rewritten but carries the same basic idea except that Anduin is the one to come up with recruiting Kul Tiras instead of Jaina, and that Genn is very slightly more rude to her. They also removed the cinematic of the fleet getting destroyed by the Zandalari navy, and no longer mention Zul and Talanji escaping from the stockade. Instead it opens with Shaw telling Anduin the Zandalari have already "joined forces" with the Horde.


In this new version you don't do the Battle for Lordaeron and never receive the Heart of Azeroth necklace. Because of these removals, new characters are never informed that the Battle for Lordaeron or the burning of Teldrassil happened (though new night elf players are made aware that Teldrassil exists in their starting cinematic, in what myself and many others have considered an odd decision given the timeline).

The only explanation offered for why the Alliance and Horde are at war, and these are direct quotes from the questline, are "It seems there was some trouble with the Horde while we were away" and "I have received word that the Horde has joined forces with the Zandalari Empire … Then we must make new allies of our own."

I'm not sure why this is causing such confusion. They removed references to the events, not implied they never happened. The new intro also removes all reference to the Heart of Azeroth and the Wound in Silithus. You never meet Magni at all. Yet no one is using that to argue those events are being made non-canon.

I'm sorry about any confusion that has arisen from this and hope I've provided more clarity.

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