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Hi there everyone!

So, a few days ago I, finally, finished unlocking all allied races (was missing alliance BfA ones).

But, since I'm not really of a raider or pvper myself, I started to notice a lack of things to do with my main.

So, I decided to enjoy the nerf in required xp needed to level and go unlock the heritage armors that have been released. Until now I only did the void elf one. And to do that I looked for a optimal levelling route that would get me to 110 the fastest.

But now, I don't wanna replay these same zones over and over, so I'm looking to do a themed levelling route. And my first one will be for my Maghar Hunter. So far I have decided for these zones:

Start in Azshara just to take advantage of the fact that it's a zone designed for foot traveling.

When finished, my plan is to go Northern Barrens and then Southern Barrens, for that "safari" feel

If all goes well, Un'Goro seems to be the next logical step, so I can hunt some big game.

If not at 60 yet then I'll go all the way to Northern Stranglethorn just to get to know Nesingwary.

At this point, I'll probably be 60 already so the plan is to go to Borean Thundra just to get started in Northrend.

After that I'll find Nesingwary in Scholazar Basin and then circle back to Outland and do Nagrand due to nesingwary reasons also.


Hopefully, I can finish off with Grizzly Hills, but if needed I'll do a lil bit of Dragonblight, just to meet the taunka.

Now this is the part that I'm still working on… I think probably will go to Pandaria and do Jade Forest (just to get started there), Valley of the Four Winds (Nesingwary again) and Townlong Steppes or Kun-Lai Summit, haven't decided yet.

Next up are Draenor, which I'm thinking of doing the intro quest, Frostfire Ridge and maybe Nagrand, but these are zones I don't mind skipping through treasures and bonus quests.

Finally, Legion. I think my options here are very obvious: Invasions primarily, Highmountain and, if needed, Val'Sharah or Stormhein.

So far, this is my plan. I'm still at Azshara so maybe I'll change something here or there.

If anyone got any zone suggestion, I'll would love to listen.

I'm also working on a route for my nightborne mage, highmountain shaman, lightforged paladin, dark iron warrior, zandalari monk and kultiran something (haven't decided yet).

Also, I would love to hear what you guys do to make levelling interesting again lol


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