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[Theory] New Il’gynoth whispers and their possible meanings.

wow2 - [Theory] New Il'gynoth whispers and their possible meanings.

Il'gynoth stated in the Emerald Nightmare that he was returning to Ny'alotha after he died. In 8.3, he held true to his promise and will appear as a raid boss in the Ny'alotha raid. With his reapparance, he brings new quotes. These are as follows;

1.Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast.

2.The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.

3.When their mistress beckons, nine ravens take flight. Each seeks a prize to earn her favor.

4.The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green.

5.Five lanterns, now darkened. The flame they seek will light the masters' way.

6.The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.

7.The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom.


1.Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast.


This refers to the largely mysterious loa that receives very little reference in game. His name is Ueetay no Mueh'zala, or just Death.


In Zul'farrak you can find a tablet from the Sandfury trolls called the Tablet of Theka. On this tablet are the words "God of Death, Father of Sleep, Son of Time, the Night's Friend." An exact reference to a father of sleep in WoW, who is also a God of Death. There is also a shrine dedicated to him in Tal'farrak, Dazar'alor, Zuldazar with faint yet still visible shadows around it.


With that said we should reevaluate the quote. Before the last shadow falls, Mueh'zala shall savor his feast. Feast? For this I think it's appropriate to look at Mueh'zalas motives, and the Sylvanas-loyalist finale cinematic. So what does Mueh'zala want?


In the rather unknown book Traveler: The Spiral Path, Mueh'zala says to a protagonist of the story; "Not yet, Son of Thorne. Not yet. This is not the day. The day comes. It comes. But Mueh'zala will not engage you here or now. Our battle is yet to come, yet to come… But it will come, child. It will come. And if you lose that battle, Mueh'zala feasts on all of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth…"


I think his motives remain evident. With that said, we now look at the Sylv-loyalist cinematic. In the cinematic she has three appropriate sentences.

"Countless souls have been fed to the hungering darkness."


"My Bargain with Azshara will yet bear fruit. The armies of Azeroth will fight her master, and he will line their streets with corpses."


"In the end, he too will serve Death."

Side note: The subtitle in the cinematic capitalized Death as if it was a noun. They didn't capitalize life. And the Sandfury happen to oft refer to Mueh'zala as just "Death", lending credence to the idea that Sylvanas does serve an entity, and that it may be Mueh'zala.


In my last post I theorized Sylvanas had become an agent of Death. Her quotes in the cinematic make it obvious she wants Azshara's master (N'zoth) to line the streets with corpses of the armies of Azeroth, and that he will fall and serve Death. In Traveler, Mueh'zala expresses his desire to feed. On all of Azeroth. Taking what we now know and comparing it with the original Il'gynoth quote we get…

"Before the last shadow falls, the Father of Sleep shall savor his feast."

Translated, it becomes:

  Before N'zoth is to be defeated (The last Old God of Azeroth), Mueh'zala shall savor his feast (of souls, that N'zoth and the armies of Azeroth provide for him).



2. The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.


Though I remain uncertain of this, I believe this is referring to Calia Menethil. She was recently ressurected by a Naaru hence "The golden one". The vacant throne referring to the throne of the kingdoms of Lordaeron, which Sylvanas and the forsaken had previously resided underneath, and she is now absent. She could bring "darkness" about by providing the Light with an additional chess piece on the board of Azeroth. As X'era, Yrel have demonstrated, the Light is not always a pleasant force to deal with.



3.When their mistress beckons, nine ravens take flight. Each seeks a prize to earn her favor.


This quote I believe utilizes clever wordplay. The mistress I believe is Sylvanas, and her "ravens" the Val'kyr. The reason Il'gynoth likened the Val'kyr to ravens however I believe to be no coincidence, for lack of a better animal. This ties in to the next sentence. "Each seeks a prize to earn her favor" is possibly not referring to Sylvanas, but to Helya with whom Sylvanas made an unknown bargain.


It's important to remember that many of the Val'kyr Sylvanas had bound herself to have died and left the world of the living. If the "nine ravens" are truly her Val'kyr, it's likely at least a few of them seek their respective prizes in the shadowlands. A soul perhaps? If so, of who?


As for their choice wording of "Raven" to the Val'kyr's wings; while the Lord of Ravens referred to in Emerald Nightmare's Il'gynoth remains uncertain (Could have been Khadgar, Odyn, or Medivh) I believe the person whom Il'gynoth is referencing this time is Odyn. In both Norse Mythology and WoW, Odyn/Odin remains both a lord, and master of two ravens at his side.


Possibly hinting to the future of WoW, one of the massive stone tablets in the Warrior class hall of Skyhold dictates a story of Odyns intimate relationship with the realm of death. In it, a wraith (likely Mueh'zala) appears to him. This is what follows.


A great spirit appeared to Odyn from this circle, billowing up from ethereal mists, shapeless, to surround the keeper in shadow. "What will you give," the spirit asked, "to peer beyond the veil of this world?"

Wise Odyn considered the wraith's question. "I have two eyes," he replied. "One to see in this world of mortals, and one to see into the realm of spirits." And with that, Odyn plucked his own eye from his head and presented it to the spirit. The spirit clasped his eye and swallowed it whole, and great Odyn saw.

Seeing through this given eye, great Odyn saw the Shadowlands. He saw life, saw it even in the land of death, and he was satisfied that his Valarjar would live beyond the mortal realm. And yet still he saw death. He saw souls in torment, and souls in anguish, and the husks of the dead lay all around him. He saw ghostly wraiths with no face, and others with no form, and all were made of death itself. And as he saw, even the great Odyn, master of the Halls of Valor, chosen of Aman'Thul, was afraid."



From many sources in WoW, we know Helya is still eternally infuriated with Odyn for reasons I won't delve into here. It's likely whatever pact Sylvanas made with Helya was to slight Odyn (and possibly the other Titans) at some point in the future.



4.The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green.


Unsure about this, but it could mean a few things. A vassal is someone below another in position of heirarchy. Eonar, Ysera, Malfurion and Alextrasza serve life. Only the latter three have green eyes, though this could be irrelevant and meant to be read as two separate people. The green eyes could be interpreted in a great many ways, though it could also be about jealousy.

I have many theories, none more certain than the last. Though I find the final one most interesting. I won't include my theory for Ysera, as its possible context is deserving of a post on its own.


Eonar theory; Her recent addition as a boss in Antorus seemed forced and out of place. It's possible story-seeding (pun intended) for the future of the game. There is a -lot- of correlation with Eonar and current (including 8.3 events). She empowered the dragonflights, gave power to Freya, Alexstrasza and Ysera over the Emerald Dream (which runs antithetical to the shadowlands, and has been recently invaded by void minions). It's possible she knows something more than what anyone else does about current events / characters "on the board" so to speak, and has kept it hidden.


Malfurion theory: Malfurion, husband of Tyrande has literal green eyes. As we see from the current war campaign text when talking with Anduin, he believes Tyrande could be consumed by revenge and hatred. It's possible she did something treacherous against the Alliance and the leaders hadn't yet discovered it, and Malfurion disguises it.


Alextrasza theory: Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. It could be argued Alexstrasza was more intimately related with Life than her sister Ysera was. It's possible she has been colluding against her own kind with an unknown force, as a result of the jealousy (green eyes) she might've for another. Given her familiarity with life, perhaps she becomes a Dragon aspect of Death.


5.Five lanterns, now darkened. The flame they seek will light the masters' way.

  Blue (Magic), Bronze (Time), Red (Life), Green (Nature), Black (Earth). I believe this quote is referring to the 5 dragon aspects, as they've lost their immortality (once-burning lanterns, darkened) and they were the final creature-level defense against Old Gods placed upon Azeroth by their titan masters. They were to guide the creatures of Azeroth through a world riddled with darkness, as if figurative lanterns. Perhaps they wish to regain their immortality (flame) and this will play to the favor of N'zoth or another unknown void entity? Another thing they would seek could be (a fragment of) their soul / power that they had imbued the Demon Soul/Dragon Soul artifact with, which fits into my soul/death-themed interpretations of Il'gynoth's new quotes.


6. The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.

This quote likely refers to the cosmic magic forces of Warcraft chart, as seen in Chronicles Vol.1:
VsOdNOu - [Theory] New Il'gynoth whispers and their possible meanings. There are 6 cosmic types, or figuratively speaking, masters; Life, Holy, Disorder, Shadow(Void), Death, and Order.

I think this was a more generalized quote referring to how more perceptive, intelligent denizens of the universe serving only one is a strategem to live and prosper under them, though this could mean a particular race / entity as well. A friend suggested it may be referring to the Nathrezim, a race of cunning humanoids prevalent in Azerothian history in many cosmic respects.


7.The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom.  

Though perhaps lacking some context, I believe the below to be enough to understand the theory. I'll write full context including the below (and more) in a separate post attempting to explain something else entirely.

A common interpretation of this quote is that the queen is Azshara, Sylvanas, Tyrande or otherwise. I think "queen" and "scepter" were terms used abstractly to intentionally obfuscate the truth of the quote.

To understand what this means and for some context, we should turn to Tauren Mythology. In it, the Earthmother was saddened to see her people (the Tauren) fall to in-fighting and wickedness. In her grief, she tore out her "eyes" and sent them spinning across the skies. Thus making her figuratively blind. I believe that the Earth Mother has always been the world-soul of Azeroth that we've been acquainted with during so many trips and questline to her Heart in BfA.

Many media releases refer to the World-Soul of Azeroth as the strongest currently-known World Soul in the universe, a soul with such strength and promise that if she were to assume a physical form, she could defeat the Void Lords themselves. Putting her in the highest position of "Queen" of titans isn't beyond reason.

A scepter is something held by a ruler as a physical representation of their royalty or power. Directly above Azeroth's heart happens to be Gorshalach, Sargeras' sword. It's wielder was the ruler of the Burning Legion, and upon closer inspection is undeniably crafted with a bone hilt and blade. The entire weapon could be bone even. In an abstract sense, if we equate the World-Soul of Azeroth with the entire planet, she wields the Sword which Sargeras has buried in her.

maxresdefault - [Theory] New Il'gynoth whispers and their possible meanings.

And finally "From the deep she calls forth doom". The strength of Azeroth is so great that Titans and Void Lords could sense it from across the distant universe. This is what brought Sargeras the Titans and possibly the Old Gods to the planet. All of this put together, and rephrased, it reads…

Original: The blind queen wields a scepter of bone. From the deep she calls forth doom.

Theory: Azeroth has Gorshalach, "Scepter" of bone embedded in her. From her chamber, the universe is drawn to her power.


If most of these are to be even vaguely near the truth of future WoW content, a Shadowlands-themed zone/expansion/patch/whatever doesn't seem entirely unlikely.

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