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There’s something worse than WF/TF affecting gear

wow1 - There's something worse than WF/TF affecting gear

As much as I also dislike the amount of WF/TF in the game and want there to at least be caps based on content difficulty… there’s something else that isn’t being talked about.


Socket value when it comes to gear completely blows WF/TF out of the water. If you really want to see where gear balance was messed up this expansion look no further than those shiny fabulous +40 stats rocks.

Let’s give some perspective first:

The gloves I’m using are from the first boss in Battle of Dazar’alor. I was lucky and they also came with a gem socket! Let’s look at the stats on these gloves.

Item Level 415 Crusade Pummelers326 Strength574 Stamina76 Critical Strike130 Haste

A few weeks later , BOOM, A 425 version of these gloves dropped for me! Wow I should be super pumped right? Literally the highest item level in the game you can get currently. Let’s look at these bad boy’s stats.

Item Level 425 Crusade Pummelers358 Strength637 Stamina79 Critical Strike134 Haste

I would gain:32 Strength63 Stamina3 Critical Strike4 Haste

Wait… Highest item level in the game and a ten item level upgrade but… 3 critical strike and 4 haste? Really? Well I guess an upgrade is an upgrade…

Oh wait. Remember what I said about my 415 gloves? They have a socket. That means +40 of my best stat (critical strike atm). Seeing how my current stat weights have critical strike almost two times the value of strength… that means that huge max item level drop I just got… is worthless (and I can’t trade them, but that’s a whole other topic).


In conclusion:

Gems are and have been way over budgeted since launch. The fact we had +40 stat gems from the start made gem slots the most valuable augment to gear you can hope for. Gems should have only been +20 secondary stats with the epic gems being +40 main stat. This is because according to the devs, they wanted main stats to matter more than secondaries but as we already see for almost every class (at least dps) this isn’t the case and won’t be.

I feel it would be a much better use of gems to bring back the colors of the sockets to match the gems. Bring back the socket bonuses. Instead of flat stats, make gems provide tertiary stats. You’re playing a tank that struggles with magic damage and have some gem slots? Gem some magic resist to help you could. Bring back the hybrid gems.

The dev’s obviously want to explore new gear options with cool effects like what we see coming in the new raid. Why not make cool gems from the content that offer unique effects associated with those instances or zones?

Uldir could have some cool leech gems or disease/plague effects.

The new raid could have some cool voidy old god effects come from gems that come from the raid.

Each of the 10 dungeons could have a gem that drops with a cool effect reflecting the dungeon they came from.

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