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This game is my life.

wow5 - This game is my life.

For the past few years since the release of WotLK, I have likely spent more time in-game than living real life. It is true. This game became my everything, my only escape. What many people don't realize is not everyone you meet behind the screen has what you would call a "normal life". Although you have no idea, if you've played this game for a while then chances are you've already stumbled into someone with severe problems, coping through them by escaping into this virtual world.

Having spent most of these years playing the game, I have essentially built my life around it. I have built my best and only friendships in this game. My best memories are in Azeroth. Whenever I'm not playing, I'm thinking about it. It allows me to detach myself from my unfortunate life outside.


I work at a local fast food restaurant, because I'm still trying to graduate, something I will likely never achieve. My co-worker is a cynical as*hole who constantly mocks me. I get paid less than minimum wage by my boss, but I honestly don't care since this job is the last bit of stability I have going. I need to hang-on to it. My only friend is a low functioning autist who is still getting paid off by his parents for his rent. And no, he does not play the game. All we ever do is dumb shit when we do hang out. I can't count the number of times I have failed my driver's license. Needless to say, I'm socially awkward. I have repressed lust for one of my best friends too; she's athletic, smart and a gorgeous southern bell. I love her. You know what it's like, I've been friendzoned real hard.

You see, these are the things you don't hear from that silent frost death-knight in your Underrot +12 dungeon. But why am I making this post? Everything is falling apart now. My friends and guildmates are quitting the game. Now, I know I'm not alone. There are many others like me, and I just wanted to share a different angle on how the "bad state" of the BfA can affect players like me. My safe bubble is bursting. And what makes all this fu*king worse is that I live in a pineapple under the sea.

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