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This story is nonsense

wow4 - This story is nonsense

Okay let's see what we got going into 8.1 and 8.1.5

Okay so the Alliance finally gets the lead out of their pants and kicks the shit out of Zuldazar. Great, let's see the aftermath.

At the funeral for Rastakhan Nathanos tells us that the Alliance is "closing their grip". And already this has stopped making any and all sense. The Alliance has been on the defensive for almost all of this war up until now! The Horde still has footholds all over Kul'tiras including a fully operational garrison for crying out loud!

This is the first victory the Alliance has had since Lordaeron and Lordaeron was a pyrrhic victory. And even this one was questionable because the Alliance is refusing to capitalize on this victory and make any real gains because they "want to give the Zandalari time to mourn" as if the Horde would grant them the same fucking courtesy.

Zandalar vs. Kul'tiras is obviously the name of the game in this war and the Alliance just threw away the perfect chance to crush Zandalar because "they felt bad".

The best you can say for the Alliance is that the tide may be turning in their favor now that they have naval superiority but even that's questionable because the Alliance is binding themselves to rules of war that Sylvanas has obviously no regard for. The simple fact is if you're going to restrict your army to rules your enemy isn't following, you're going to lose almost every time.

But let's disregard all that and suspend our disbelief and say the Alliance is somehow "closing their grip". Baine comes and says "Hey guise lets maek peese!"

Are you insane? Do you really want to open up peace negotiations when the Alliance has all of the leverage? After everything Sylvanas has done do you really think the Night Elves (or anyone in the Alliance for that matter) are going to let Anduin settle for a peace that doesn't cripple the Horde permanently?

So Sylvanas, our resident sociopath who unfortunately seems to be the only one in the Horde with a brain at this point, says she has an idea to turn this back around and all we have to do is mind control one dead human prince. One guy. Enslave one guy that no one in the Horde should care about and we can undermine the Kul'tiran leadership and we not only turn this war we are somehow losing back in our favor but probably shorten it by YEARS.

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But apparently this one guy who Baine has never met and has no reason to care about just pulls at his heartstrings too hard and he decides to free him. The millions who have already died in this conflict and the millions more who are going to die are apparently of no consequence to Baine though.


So Baine releases this guy, completely fucking over the Horde and especially the player who went through so much peril to recover this corpse in the first place. If this was just an act of defiance towards Sylvanas that would be one thing, but I can't emphasise this enough, he fucked over EVERYONE!

I mean think about the common Horde soldier who's going to be ordered to run into a wall of Alliance spears next week. Ask them if they care about some random human prince they probably never heard of.

Hell let's do one better and ask the Tauren in Mulgore, Baine's own people whose loved ones are overseas fighting and dying in this war of attrition while those who remain at home live in fear of the Alliance siege machines once again knocking on the gates of Mulgore like they did during the Cataclysm. Ask those Tauren if they care whether or not Sylvanas enslaves one single human.

But anyway when Sylvanas finds out that Baine has fucked over the entire Horde she rightfully comes to arrest him. And you'd think the rest of the the Horde leaders would be furious with Baine assuming any of them had any plans to be done with this war and go home already. But instead almost all of them side with Baine! WHAT?! He clearly betrayed not just Sylvanas but ALL OF THEM just because he was too much of a bleeding heart to enslave ONE GUY for the sake of the entire Horde!

I remember in the wowhead video of Baine's arrest people are saying "lol y r blood elves and orcs arresting baine? dey shuld be on hiz sied." I guess they're right it is strange, it's not like military dicipline is a thing or maybe they were hoping to go home within the next half decade a hope which Baine just crushed.

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Fuck this story.


Of course I must acknowledge this is more or less Sylvanas' fault in the first place for starting this war, but at least she's trying to remedy the situation!

When we rebelled against Garrosh it was because he was favoring the Orcs and mistreating the other races while also prolonging the war. But Sylvanas for all her faults has been big on equal treatment in the Horde while also apparently being the only one trying to find a way to put an end this conflict. If you want us to rebel against her, give us a damn reason beyond being mean to a single human. If you want to get rid of her because of Teldrassil, fine but let's make sure we're not in the Alliance crosshairs before starting a civil war okay?

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