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This week is the best time to unlock allied races

wow5 - This week is the best time to unlock allied races

Starting with the next weekly reset (Tuesday for US, Wednesday for EU), there will be a week-long buff called
sign of the emissary - This week is the best time to unlock allied races

Sign of the Emissary. This will apply to all characters automatically and increases all reputation gains from world quests by 50%.
(This applies to both Legion and BfA world quests, but not to the 8.3 assault quests)

On top of that, the darkmoon faire is happening next weekend, which gives us access to the
Darkmoon Top Hat which grants an additional 10% reputation gains from all sources, not just world quests.

If you're using a contract (which grants 10 reputation points towards a specific faction when completing a world quest, 16 with all the buffs), you can grind towards a specific faction and reach exalted with them faster. They might be pricey depending on your server, and especially now with the emissary week coming up, but they're worth it.

If you're a new player, this is a good time to work towards unlocking flying (which requires being exalted with all factions except the 8.3 ones). If you already have flying, but have yet to unlock the other faction's allied races, now would be a good time to get started with a new character.
If you don't want to level-up a new character just to unlock the other faction's allied races, you can take a shortcut and create a demon hunter who starts at level 98.
If you already have a demon hunter, you can create a new one on another server. All you need is to have a level 70 character on that server, and that is quickly-done by creating a death knight (who starts at level 55) and level him up to 70 real quick.


One last tip for unlocking other faction's allied races with new characters: I advise waiting with doing the main storyline quests of the BfA factions until the darkmoon faire is up.
The 10% extra reputation gained from completing the quests is especially-helpful if you want to unlock the Vulpera allied race. So be sure to have the darkmoon faire on you if you do that zone's questline.

It might be obnoxious to re-apply the darkmoon buff once every hour, but it is worth it since you safe time grinding for reputation later. Also, you only need the buff if you complete the quest at the NPC, not during the entire duration.

As for Legion allied races, if you use the darkmoon faire buff you can unlock Nightborne almost entirely by doing the lengthy questline, and a few world quests if they are available.
Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are tied to Argus reputations, but the Argus world quest reputation rewards have been increased in BfA (and remember, the darkmoon faire buff will boost the reputation gained from doing the main storyline quests here as well). So unlocking those shouldn't take too long either.
Only one that will take a while to unlock are the Highmountain Tauren.

The other allied races require you to finish the 8.0 storyline as well as complete the war campaign, but that isn't affected by reputation and thus can be done later.

PS: According to u/xvrfel, it would take roughly 17 days of doing all available world quests every day (as well as doing assaults and emmisaries) to get one BfA faction from Revered to Exalted without these buffs. If you're just getting started with a faction and you're still on Neutral with thim, it will take even longer than that.

If you focus on grinding world quests all day during next week, you can save quite a bit of time in the long run (up to 7 days if my math is correct). Just to put it into perspective how much you can gain from taking advantage of these buffs.

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