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Threads of Fate dungeon spam: Is it worth it? I recorded my experience so you can decide

wow10 - Threads of Fate dungeon spam: Is it worth it? I recorded my experience so you can decide

Hi guys, I’m Lincc and just thought I’d share some information I found about the Threads of Fate levelling system. Figured it may help people decide what they want to do this weekend.

I noticed that a lot of videos suggested that if you are solo campaign is probably the way to level, and if you have an efficient group to spam dungeons with that Thread’s may indeed be faster. I decided to do some analysis of my own to come to a conclusion. The consensus online seems to be that you can complete the campaign in 10-15 hours solo comfortably. I know that is a large range, but I think there are a lot of resources out there talking about the campaign levelling experience, and I want to focus on the time it takes to level using Threads of Fate. If you are interested in really speed running it, I would recommend looking at DesMephisto’s spreadsheet (I will put his links at the bottom of the post for those interested. But the typical player would be looking at the 10-15 hour range.

When I was levelling my first alt to 60, I decided that I would try the threads of fate, and just record how much time it took to level and come up with an estimate for how long it should take to dungeon spam 50-60.

To be up front, I started threads of fate from about 7% into level 53, I started levelling the alt with a friend who was new to Shadowlands, but we soon split up and he and I just levelled independently. So, down to the numbers.


I did 27 Dungeons total, taking 10 hours 34 minutes and 8 seconds, including queue time. I was playing a Disc priest and healing, so my queues were usually around 2 minutes, sometimes instant.

I earned 1,677,044 experience in that time. That comes out to roughly 159,718 experience an hour, and roughly an hour and a half per level.

Zone Quests

I made the mistake of not picking up each covenant’s zone quest that Threads of Fate offers, Reinforcing Revendreth, Bolstering Bastion, Rallying Maldraxxus, and Support the Court. When I picked them up, I was level 57 already, and did not have time to complete them through the dungeons I was doing. They each offered around 83,000 experience when I picked them up. That means that together, they will give you a full level and then some. It takes around 29 dungeon bosses from the corresponding zone to complete the quest with one dungeon for each zone available below level 60. Each one has 4 bosses, except Mists of Tirna Scithe, you would have to complete each dungeon 8 times, or Tirna Scithe 10 times to complete the quests. Meaning you would have to complete 34~ dungeons to complete them all (varying on which ones you get from random draw), If I had started at level 50 flat and gotten the quests then, I likely would have completed one or two, and been able to finish off the other two with a world quest each and been able to stop dungeons at 59 for two world quests instead.



Through Dungeon Spam with Threads of Fate as a tank or healer you should be able to expect one level per 1.5 hours, or a total of 15 hours. You can likely shave off the last hour and a half in exchange for turning in the zone wide thread quests you get. You also tend to get faster at running the dungeons as you get to higher levels, because you start to know the mechanics and how to do them faster (i.e. Mists of Tirne Scithe’s maze).


I ended the experience at ilvl 142, with my best item being an ilvl 43 necklace I had from levelling to 50 in Northrend. I also had 350 Anima, 15 Aethereal Meat, 11 Tenebrous Ribs, 1 Raw Seraphic Wing, 3 Creeping Crawler Meat, 11 Shadowy Shank and 21 Augment Runes (and a few thousand gold from when healers received the bag for queuing for a dungeon).

Links and stuff

Also, I made a video talking about the experience, and explaining a bit more if you find videos more entertaining to watch and I have put a link to it at the bottom of the post. If you are interested, I have recently started streaming Wow and if you want to pop in to say hi, or ask questions feel free to, I would appreciate it if you guys found this information helpful or interesting, spent a decent amount of time gathering the info and writing this up. Glad to answer anything in the comments as well! And hope you all enjoy the weekend!

My Links

My Video:

My Twitch:


Powerleveling campaign spreadsheet:




Probably do the campaign if you want to level asap and you’re quick, but if you enjoy doing dungeons and you’re a tank or a healer feel free to do Threads of Fate, it may even be faster for you if you already have the pulls/mechanics down.

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