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To the Alliance Druid in Revendreth today

wow3 - To the Alliance Druid in Revendreth today

Tldr at the bottom.

Man, I just had some of the best fun I've had doing a world quest this expac; the wheelbarrow race down the side of the castle in Revendreth was the one. I was the horde shaman you kept rooting to ruin my chance at winning the race (WM on). After the first time I decided I would try to kill you and then get on with it. You'd root, I'd hop out and try to lasso you. I'd work on getting some damage rolling but you had travel form to escape. I almost caught you downhill using a glider but you got yourself topped back up with hp. I began chasing you down the side of the mountain (massive falls and health potion healing keeping me going) all the way into the Ember Ward before you broke combat and went invis. This was our first true engagement.

Fast forward a minute to me trying the barrow race again. Again as well, I was rooted. This time I was ready. Lasso'd you and got around ya to thunderstorm you back away from the cliff. Almost had you! Glider was still on cd so you had to run again. Travel form beat out my ghost wolf and you went invis when combat broke.

Round three! I was dancing near your setup spot waiting to see what you would throw at me. You appeared from invis with all your boomkin cds rolling and tried to blow me up. Lasso again, fool! We traded blows for what felt like forever but was probably only seconds. Again, you escaped with a glider and I chased you with my own. Travel form again to escape and invis.

This time I made and consumed a potion to increase my stealth detection and began prowling around the area. I was snoopin for ya. It felt like you were watching me. Maybe tip-toeing away when I got too close. Again, you broke stealth and opened up on me with cds rolling (imo these stealth detection pots are useless outside of bgs – I have no idea what the radius even is). My goal was to thunderstorm you off the cliff and hit you with a lasso right as you used your glider. It went perfectly except I lost range! Thundered you too far away and missed my opportunity. You safely glidered (glid?) out of sight. Shucks.


Final round. I was dancing once again in the middle of the path. Still planning on attempting my lasso-in-the-sky strategy. I waited patiently for you to kick things off. It was nice of you to wait long enough for even my health pot cd to come back up. Thoughts of finishing that world quest were long gone. The game of cat-and-mouse we were playing was everything. This was me vs you. Another brief scrap at the top of the raceway. You running for the cliff and me trying my damndest to stay in lasso range. You rooted me as I chased you and then merrily healed up on the edge before hopping off and gliding out of sight again.

I realized this could go on and on as long as you had gliders. I, myself had over 100 in my bags (those things are mandatory new expac consumables). You also have so many tools to get out of my grasp and survive my elemental fury (pun intended). I still had other stuff I needed to get done with my limited amount of playtime available today so I moved on and went to do a different world quest.

This is my formal admission of defeat to you. But in defeat, I had a blast. Cheers to you and may you continue to harass others into altercations. Maybe one will prove better than I! Honor to you, friend. As the brave Shienaran's say, "Peace favor your sword." May we meet again!

Tldr; enemy druid rooting me during the wheelbarrow race in Revendreth today led to 30 minutes of cat-and-mouse. Neither of us ever died but I feel that they won the contest as I never actually did complete the world quest. I'm gonna remember this forever and have a laugh each time. Oh, and don't forget to be good to one another (even in pvp). I will dream of saluting you while standing over your corpse one day.

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