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Torghast: Just finished Layer 8 of both wings solo

wow9 - Torghast: Just finished Layer 8 of both wings solo

iLvl 190.87 Vengeance DH

Afterthoughts: With the recent nerf to tanks tanking extra damage, the stacking torment of bonus damage to mobs in the Upper Reaches, this was a pure shitshow. I had to take every single power that I could that would keep damage high and constant.

Mobs being able to pacify in upper reaches was infuriating. The stacking power buff plus the torment had the floor bosses whacking me for 20k+ damage per hit.

It took me about 5 hours of attempts on upper reaches just to get proper anima powers so that I could even kill bosses. If you aren't ending floor encounters in ~30s for regular elites on each floor, you aren't going to be able to kill the floor bosses. Not to mention initial powers are set, and if they are trash, you're SoL.

The sad thing is, the end bosses weren't even the problem. It was the caster floor bosses and the archers.

I was able to one shot Fractured Chambers with some extremely lucky RNG.

My DPS spec never made it past the 1st floor of layer 7/8, it just wasn't happening due to pure lack of anima powers.

Many classes/specs WILL NOT be able to solo this, even with gear, because the mobs are scaling. Blizzard fucked this up, bad, and I'm saying that even though I finished it.

They should have brought the difficulty for dps in line with tanks and healers, not the other way around. Before the hotfixes, making different builds was hilarious and fun. Now, if you don't pick exactly the right talents, you will not make it past the floor bosses.


There is a complete lack of respect for people's time when a single run can last well over an hour, and you reach a mathematically impossible floor boss or end boss. This shit needs to be fixed.

Edit: From polygon – “This is a top priority for us right now, and we have a bunch of changes in the works, all of which are aimed at easing the experience of Torghast,” says Ion Hazzikostas, game director on World of Warcraft, in a call with Polygon. “Players will be seeing those changes in the next couple of days.”

Edit 2: Blizzard has a few primary goals with Torghast at the moment. One: bring down the average length of a Torghast run so it’s not an hour-long grind. Two: increase the success rate for a handful of classes and specializations that are struggling. Three: Make sure that the powers players can pick up are fun and diverse things that could only work in Torghast, not just a stronger version of a player’s usual rotation. Four: make it clear just how hard each layer is supposed to be, and when a player should tackle it.


Edit 4: For posterity, I'll be happy to be able to say that I did this pre-nerfs >:D

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