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Traversing Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

wow6 - Traversing Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

With WoW's new level Scaling System it provides players with a choice on where to quest and level, but there is a serious problem with getting around the two largest continents – Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

With a new character not all fight paths are unlocked and thus getting to some areas can be quite a hassle if you haven't done any of the zones neighbouring them. But also, getting to some of these more isolated areas in general even at top level, can be quite a nuisance.

bHMhKYA - Traversing Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

here is an example idea to an updated transport system only using physical modes of transport (no portals).


A physical transport system such as this could really help levelers get around but also primarily help the world look and feel more connected and alive, realistically. We have all these isolated ports and towns with no actual functional transport/shipments between them.

Physical Transport links can really make the world look alive and connected; they have a moving vehicle that traverses the world which you will see whilst riding them, with an NPC crew and a dock area filled with goods and more 'dock' NPC's. All whilst providing essential transport for players and still mainting that sense of exploration and a large scale world (vs a room filled with portals that ends up being a cheat sheet to teleport you anywhere you want).

These transport links could be consolidated to hot spots on each continant (For example, all horde routes on this map go to Sunsail Harbor in Silvermoon, Alliance go to Stormwind and the Neutral go to Fuselight). This will make the traveling more intuitive (Especially for new players), as well as funneling traffic through specific areas, making them more 'livelier' with players whilst also providing essential transport back to the major cities/towns.

Some of the lengthiest routes could use instant transport (i.e. like the Zeplins do from Orgrimar to Undercity), whilst most can just be real-time.


Now I'd also add that a system like this would work better if every zone was lvl 10-60 (bar the starting zones that would still be lvl 1-20). There is no need to have the zones stepped the way they are, especially if they were connected like this. As a long time player, I much prefer to have a full choice on where too level, as even with the stepped leveling system in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, it still feels a little restricted and does get old after awhile.


I connected Hammerfall and Raventusk with a suggested tunnel or mountain route, as Raventusk is very isolated as well as Hammerfall. This route would allow players coming from Sunsail Anchorage (Silvermoon) to choose between questing in Arathi Highlands or The Hinterlands, as well as providing a route for those horde players now stuck at the dead end of Arathi Highlands in Hammerfall to get back to a major city.

There is also an added New Port on the East coast of Arathi Highlands. There is already a small village here and so such a port could easily fit and makes sense, whilst providing a viable route to Fuselarge to provide even more choice for levelers.


This is just something that has bugged me for awhile especially ever since the new level scaling system was introduced. We have all these ports and isolated areas yet no functioning transport systems par Flight Points (and for people leveling, these flight points won't typically be unlocked). It's a real hassle for levelers as well as those with flying in regards to the most isolated areas.

At the same time, these empty static NPC ports and towns have no functioning transport system, and thus neither do their neighbouring zones and towns inland; making them seem unrealisticlly isolated and disconnected.

I love the sense of scale and the open world in WoW, no other MMO does it as good as WoW, but its transport system is lacking slightly. So if this is done right, with a limited amount of routes like my example, the sense of scale and exploration as well as a living breathing world can be maintained and if anything; improved.

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