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Troll customization feedback again.

wow8 - Troll customization feedback again.

As a huge Troll fan since WC 2 I am glad we are getting new options. War paint's and piercings are very welcome and the option to customize your war paint separately from your hair is something Troll fans wanted for a really long time. The same goes for warpaint for females. I also love the Sand Troll and darker skins.

But there are some things that need to be addressed.

There is a great post already addressing this. This post is mostly to show some more options and support. Show Troll fans your support, visit the link, like and comment your thoughts. Comment also here your ideas and thoughts and show support for more Troll customization.

Trolls need:

More faces. Trolls have only 5 options that’s way to view.

More hair styles.

  1. Braids
  2. Dreadlocks
  3. Short mohawk without “sideburns”
  4. Side cut
  5. A long mohawk all way the back down
  6. A mohawk with additional braids

Something like this model has.

hwwgvshok2a51 - Troll customization feedback again.

Those great ideas are perfect inspirations.


Beards are since WC 3 a thing for trolls. Shadowhunters and witch doctors had them. Vol’jin even had one. It’s time the players are getting some options here.

880962 - Troll customization feedback again.

darktrollhighpriest - Troll customization feedback again.

icetrollhighpriest - Troll customization feedback again.

icetrollwarlord - Troll customization feedback again.

Everything on this following picture can give great ideas for even more customization.

latest?cb=20110429200055 - Troll customization feedback again.

Bones, claws, or teeth piercings, for body piercings and jewelry. Bracelets with feathers or without. Even the loincloth is perfect. Cut off tusks.


Adjustable ear length especially longer variations for female Trolls. It’s strange they can’t have longer ears like the males.2 possible options. But length is fine.

  2. i1482903338514027 - Troll customization feedback again.


  1. Every tusk option has to have the option for a broken tusk.
  2. Every tusk option has to have the options for piercings / rings.
  3. Cut off tusks.
  4. Replaced part/s of one or both tusks, with gold, metal, bone etc.
  5. Stripes made out of different materials, for every tusk option.
  6. Fetishes hanging down from one or both tusks. Could be feathers, bones, a voodoo doll, a small tiki.
  7. Carvings
  8. Tusk rings
  9. A options for tusk coming out from the lower jaw (like the old models had).
  10. Some larger tusk options for females.

p8eppg18p2a51 - Troll customization feedback again.×1024.jpg

latest?cb=20100417124126 - Troll customization feedback again.


Claws would be a nice option. Vol’jin was in “Shadows of the Horde” described has having claws. Some WC 3 Reforged Troll models have claws too.


Different materials can be used, wood, stone, metals, textiles, bones, claws, teeth etc.Fetishes and Tikis are a must have. For example on a necklace, or even in their hair (females).Some examples:

kca13gqxp2a51 - Troll customization feedback again.

9jcky11uv2a51 - Troll customization feedback again.

This picture shows artwork of Trolls for the Warcraft movie. It gives great inspiration for hairstyles, a beard, jewelry, war paints and new skin tones ( even posture and armor).

More war paints, 3 options for the body is way to view and 2 are very similar. More for the faces would also be appreciated very much so. A black option is still missing.

Last but not least:

Green skin option This is one of the most requested things from Troll fans. Next to the bulky Amani / Ice Troll build. I would love both, but the green skin option would be a compromise / start.

Why a green skin option? Many Troll fans want this since day one. Now as the Alliance has all their WC2 races back it would be only fair if the Horde is getting a Forest Troll option, even if only as a skin.The Revantusk are also a part of the Horde. It's perfectly fine within the lore. Troll fans would love to see more Troll tribes of every sort join the Horde (which should be now possible thanks to the Zandalari joining and the death of Rastkahan).

Elder Turntusks says: " We are proud to call ourselves the last tribe of Forest Trolls to serve the Horde. In time, we will overcome the other tribes, and the dwarves, and the Hinterlands will be ours. "

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