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Troll customization Feedback

wow1 - Troll customization Feedback

Greetings everyone! I decided to write this post at the hopes some dev would read at this as a friendly feedback and a wish list that a lot of Troll fans want

To give some more context I was overly hyped after seeing the new customizations after witnessing the new ones that were datamined from some races like the Draenei, Nelves and the new hairstyles for Stormwind Humans (Geralt haircut) but now I feel overly pessimistic at seeing my favorite race, the Trolls got nothing but discarded haircuts from previous expansions and lack of more variety of options for them(like moving the form of the tusks into a different tab).

Some ideas and stuff I would like to see(collected from mmo champion and the WoW US Forum)


-I found some old suggestions that I find very well done and wouldn't require much time to develop

XrxFGuy - Troll customization Feedback

yYc4S0K - Troll customization Feedback

-Some Mohawks hairstyles are what Trolls need with urgency, some examples:

d6334669c2186fbeac0cf58a2b67e372 - Troll customization Feedback

EttDcmc - Troll customization Feedback

For females hairstyles I would like they could add a tropical flower in their hair like the Hibiskus

hgS7GrL - Troll customization Feedback

And I hope it's not much to ask but could some hairstyles be revisit?

EttDcmc - Troll customization Feedback

Jxsn9MK - Troll customization Feedback

-Bonus: This one from Hearthstone which has dreadlocks(seriously Trolls should had got this before the stormwind humans) woud be much more better than the palm tree which I don't see anyone using it aside of memeing

-Also please add black hair as an option like Orcs have now

vladimir grebnev rasta - Troll customization Feedback

Ear-rings, Tiara(females) and Necklace: On this one I will divide for both male and female


-The ears could use a serpent shaped ear-rings and would look fantastic with their general motiff:

Other example: Tikis(these has been underused in the latest years)

be4a06242a6b0569a41aa25794fe7017 - Troll customization Feedback

-Tiara for females with a serpent ornament would be very fitting
1b7bdcb13fe7fbc6e4c4bb4b1bcb5bc8a108ba9a - Troll customization Feedback

Necklace: The one from Moana would look very beautiful in the female trolls and can be dye at many colors which is another adventage:

1CGv0BM - Troll customization Feedback


-Ear-rings: They could use a cobra like:
osrrvIH - Troll customization Feedback

And some tribal ones with bones would be a very good addition:
GErkumV - Troll customization Feedback

-Necklaces can vary at many forms as the Darkspear uses a lot of the Polyneasian mythos, some examples like a tikki necklace:

And a Makau Nui to name a few:
IV2VZ1u - Troll customization Feedback

Ear Options

-Elves and Goblins have the option of regulating their ear shape. Trolls have different ear shapes in lore and should have the option for changing them in game as well.

Some examples of different sizes of ears in Trolls:

ZekhanBfACinematic - Troll customization Feedback

chung kan wowx8troll03 - Troll customization Feedback

Bonus: Zul'jin's ears in Hots

Tusk Jewelry

-This should be a separated option from the Tusk shape and that small change would allow for more liberty to customize the faces of our characters.

As an example just check in wowhead how limited are the trolls currently compared to the taures:

More options=Better and more ways to difference the playable characters with each and other


-Trolls have been represented with beards for a long time in the official artwork. Several troll characters in-game have sported beards (Rokhan, Sen’jin, Vol’jin, Sul the Sandcrawler). This option should be the first thing available for trolls at this point.

For me, this is an excellent selection of beards that most players would love to see at in-game and offer a lot of uniqueness:
8f9y2Q8 - Troll customization Feedback


-Missing a black color which is, arguably, the most commonly used color in tattoos around the world. Besides they could use a tattoo to represent their Loa they worship

Example of a Loa tattoo(Can change the color of course)
talnahtattooschwarzsig - Troll customization Feedback

The major adventage is this tattoo can also be shared by the Zandalaris as they share a lot of Loa in their respective pantheon.


Something like this would be welcome in the new customizations and a nice recall from WC3:
unknown - Troll customization Feedback

I thank to anyone who has read all of this feedback and please feel free to share your seggestions and if some developer read this, I truly appreciate you dedicated some time to this feedback and hope you can communicate this idea to the designer team, lots of troll fans(your servitor included) would truly appreciate it

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