World of Warcraft

T’was the night before 8.1

wow8 - T'was the night before 8.1

'Twas the night before 8.1

and all through the Guild,

The players were hoping,

for a better patch build.

The Shamans were hung

out to dry without care,

In hopes that a rework

soon would be clear.

The Spriests were all holy,

and disc to be sure.

Sadly, for Shadow,

There seems not a cure.

With nothing to lose

And everything to gain,

The devs looked at Warriors,

and ignored their pain.

"Gut the artifacts,"

They said,

"It'll be fine!"

RIP to class design.

"We only have one metric,

We only count fun!"

Then where are the players?

Why are they done?

All through Beta we said:

"Uh, we dunno about Azerite gear…"


But you looked down at us confidently,

with a "Nah, we're right here."

We gave you all feedback,

The cries shook our bones!

Did you not receive it?

"Do you guys not have phones?"

Edit: Woke up to absolute madness. Ya'll doubled my karma over night! AND SILVER AND GOLD? I had to look up what gold did!

I love this community, and I love this game. We've seen it go through some rough patches (unintended) and we all just want the game to be good. We want everyone at Blizzard to succeed, and I tend to view the salt as hurt, as people watch their friends and guildmates drop-off from decisions they had no control over.Also I've added a verse for Warriors.

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