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Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

wow3 - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

DKs have it pretty well in Torghast and it shouldn't be too much trouble to clear all the levels. DKs do not have a one-shot build though so plan on something taking hits from the boss, but any DK spec should be able to handle normal Torghast if built correctly.

So, what about Twisting Corridors? Frost or Unholy can clear up to level 5 with good gear but it really depends on how lucky you get with certain powers and bosses. Once you start working through level 6+ boss damage becomes a problem and getting one shot becomes a real concern. For this reason, Blood becomes the spec of choice for climbing the highest levels of Twisting Corridors. You have the health, mitigation, talents, and CDs to easily prevent getting deleted.

A couple rules of thumb that can make your life easier in Torghast.

  • You can skip trash. Some packs are just brutal, and its perfectly fine to leave them.
  • CC works on the bosses so take advantage of that.

  • Build synergies. You want health, damage, and sustain with bosses in mind as they will be the walls. If you 500k health at the end but no sustain or damage you are still going to have a bad time.

  • Take it slow. You can reach a point with powers (even on higher floors and levels) where you can pull huge packs and cleave them down, but do not be afraid to take it a pack at a time.

  • The Torghast upgrades from Ve'nari are handy to have giving you more chances to get good powers.

The point of this guide is to help you clear level 8 of Twisted Corridors and get that
nqTFGzi - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

sweet, sweet mount. Here are the builds and powers that can lead you to success. These are rated with Twisted Corridors and Blood DK in mind and no legendary powers, but there is clarification for other specs.

Special Mention:

Horsemen’s Call: For regular Torghast and level 4 and below of Twisting Corridors they are S tier. The horsemen will flat out carry you, and benefit from AMZ upgrades. In ~5 and 6+ levels of Twisting Corridors, bosses and trash will chew them up. They end up being a bit of a trap pick as floor 12/18 bosses will 2-3 shot them and then turn to you so you must build for self-survivability. Even on floor 5 you can watch certain bosses chew through 4 horsemen and then start slapping you around.

Flamestarved Cinders: A must pick for Skoldus Hall. It is worth picking up a Ravenous Anima Cell from the vendor early so you have it in case you run into this torment during a Twisting Corridors run.

Elethium Weights: This is a great but losing your jump can be a liability in certain situations. Some chains can be a bitch to walk on so consider if you need to travel them. If you get feared into an awkward spot, walk along the edge to see if you can walk up. Most of the time you can make it back up, even if it does not appear you could.

Purgatory: With this talent, Rune of Sanguination, and
Refilling Elixer of Life Blood DKs get multiple "extra lives" to help climb the tower with.

defiance of death#news - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Defiance of Death: When/if this power works it makes you one-shot proof and truly unkillable by bosses. Sadly, it doesn't seem to work all the time. There may be additional criteria/information not on the tool tip, or it may be bugged.

Tier S:

lens of elchaver - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Lens of Elchaver: This power is flat out absurd. As you stack more crit as you climb and this ends up proccing constantly. Even one stack will be most of your damage and multiple stacks melts things even at the highest floors of level 8.

Secret Spices: A significant health increase for you (and hunter pets fyi) and is a great power to pick up. If you get this in late floors in regular Torghast you can ignore it as you will not be able to stack it, but in Twisting Corridors it is practically a guaranteed 100% health.

Hungerstone: Your death strike now heals for a percentage of your max health over 5 seconds. Getting a spamable, on demand 30% heal when you have 400k health is no joke.

creeping decay - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Creeping Decay: Your Death and Decay reduces damage by 10% per stack up to 30%. Huge in higher floors and functions as another personal. As blood, this is up all the time with Crimson Scourge procs.

Tier A:

-Covenant Anima Powers: The Necrolord and Venthyr rare powers are strong and worth taking. I cannot speak for the other 2 covenants, but they appear strong.

  • Drake Breath build:

  • Ancient Drake Breath: Even on its own, having an aoe damage and stun tied to Icebound Fortitude is a great ability to have. There does seem to be a limit to how often you can freeze enemies so do not expect it to permanently lockdown elites or bosses.

  • Boundless Fortitude: Icebound Fortitude when you interrupt? Yes, please! Even on its own it provides a ton of extra survivability. With Drake breath, you now have an on demand aoe stun and damage if there is something to interrupt.

  • tome of swordplay - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

    Tome of Swordplay: This is a very useful power to pick up by itself as you can permanently lock out a caster if you get enough of them. With the rest of the Drake build you can constantly cast can blow up trash packs even on higher floors.
  • Frostchipper: This is an auto take for Frost DKs but is very powerful for the other two specs with the Drake build even after its nerf. It is not required to make the build work but helps with pack damage in higher floors.

Obleron Venom: This power seems inconspicuous but synergizes well with everything. The bonus healing can offset Elethium powers that give you a penalty to healing, and the extra crit damage is great especially with the percentage increase in ability damage powers.

Hematoma Bat: In higher floors trash hits like a truck and one less hitting you can make a big difference. Mind Control one with this power and watch your new friend wipe out packs for you. This is a simple grab and forget power for Twisting Corridors. Its not as useful for regular Torghast.

Obleron Endurance: More health means its harder to get one shot. Good power that you can regularly find in the vendor.

rune hunter - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Rune Hunter: Its pretty easy to get all 8 runes, and many of them, like
Rune of Sanguination, are incredibly powerful. Always worth picking up when you see it.

unquenchable blade - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Unquenchable Blade: This power is fantastic for Blood and you can get Dancing Rune Weapon down to a 20sec CD. Its good for Frost, but less useful for Unholy.

Tier B:

death turf - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Death Turf
: You can get hilarious levels of haste with this power and can be useful to pick up when its available. Unholy gets more mileage out of it with it functioning as another CD with the pet haste.

Force Pull: The knockdown is quite powerful CC. You can get some silly situations with the grip reset on a Maw Rat power, and chain CC a group. In general use, it turns your grip into a way to lock stuff down especially combined with the Drake Breath build.

Bone Growing Juice: Makes your CD into a CD+. Great to pick up.

blightstone - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Blightstone: This and other damage increases like
necromantic bile - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK
Necromatic Bile,
plaguebringer - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DKPlaguebringer, and
Superstrain are worth grabbing but can often feel like they are just helping your basic abilities keep up with the scaling.

-The stat increases: More mastery, crit, haste, and versatility are always welcome.

bloodgorged leech - Twisting Corridors and Torghast For the DK

Bloodgorged Leech
: Passive, percentage based healing when you likely are stacking health upgrades is nothing to sneeze at. Common and easy to stack to 3.

Elethium Powers: A bonus paired with a 25% penalty to something else and healing. You can safely take one of these and perhaps 2 with enough Obleron Venom, but take with caution. Some penalties like increased damage taken or damage penalties can make them a non starter.

Tier C:

Blood-tinged Poker: Useful for blood and frost as your pet will now have 100% uptime and Sacrificial Pact on effectively a 25sec CD. You will likely have enough sustain to not need it though. Not great for unholy who really needs their pet to do damage.

Animate Armaments: Many enemies in Torghast do not have weapons limiting the usefulness of this power. You will not miss it if you do not take it.

Darkreaver’s Lens / Ward: Ward is more useful as it reduces spell damage taken by an additional 10% and both these powers can be extremely powerful in certain situations. Your other survivability options are consistently better though as some bosses and trash do no magic damage limiting these power’s use.

  • Chains of Ice Build:

  • Chains of Anguish: Links enemies together for shared damage. Needs Unbreakable Cuffs to be worthwhile as you need to spam chains otherwise. Honestly, DKs thrive in aoe and shouldn't need this build.

  • Unbreakable Cuffs: Is pretty good on its own without Chains as you end up with a long lasting, aoe slow. Useful, but you will not miss it if you do not get it. Cold Heart Frost can do a lot more with this.

Tier, “The rest:”

Phearomones: On the surface this seems like a somewhat useful power. It works on bosses and is 3 seconds you do not take damage. The number of times I have had an enemy fear right before a Mind Freeze forcing me to take the full CD is too damn high though.

Crumbling Aegis: Can be situationally useful letting you cheese certain pulls, but you still need to build survivability. Remember, you can “store” it by not picking a power until you need the immunity if that is your only power selection.

Occult Emitter: It seems good, but I have never missed it if I did not grab it.

Lightning Dust: This power and similar are worth grabbing if there is no other choice, but they do not contribute a significant amount of damage. They are safe to pass up.

Orb of Replenishment: DKs have better sustain then this and there isn't a point to take this.

Bloated fodder: It can make some ealier floors and levels easier, but won't help you on bosses which are the real walls to get over.

Purifier's Flame: The Death Pools shouldn't be a major issue and the trash hits much harder then the pools, and its better saving a Ravenous Anima Cell for the fire torment. If you have a Cell though and this is the last 6 floors then feel free to pick it up to help out.

Final Notes

Don't be afraid to reset if the run is just falling apart by around floor 12. Blood DKs can do this without too much trouble, but comsumables and extra gear helps if you need it. Good luck and enjoy the the climb.

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