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Unsubbed? Want the Brewfest prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

wow4 - Unsubbed? Want the Brewfest prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!

TL;DR – Complete Daily tasks for the revelers of Brewfest to get Prize Tokens! This one in particular is super easy to rack up prizes with!

Brewfest is running from September 20th – October 6th so you've got two weeks to get as much as you can! Don't forget you can make several alt characters to work on several rewards at once, and cut down the days you need to come back!

EU READERS BE WARNED! Some of the quests mentioned below are US ONLY due to European Client restrictions!


Are you currently unsubbed, but have played WoW long enough to care about holiday items and the Toybox?

Don't wanna pay $15 or the 170k+ gold for a Token just for a new Hearthstone, or any of the pets and toys you've skipped out on over the past few years?

As luck would have it, you can get all of the rewards on a Starter's or Veteran's account with some diligence!

I always write these guides with both newbies and oldies in mind, but you'll have the easiest time if you're a Veteran with a level 20 character or an Allied Race unlocked before you unsubbed.


Any character on either faction at level 20 (optional: with a Tank or Heal spec)


A fresh (or old!) batch of Allied Race alts that can Tank or Heal (ie. Dark Iron Paladin, Zandalari Druid)

Any applicable Heirlooms (to beef yourself up for Coren's Direbrew Dungeon)


QuestObjectiveitem=37829 - Unsubbed? Want the Brewfest prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!Brewfest Token Reward
There And Back AgainLearn to Race! (Horde / Alliance)10
Brewfest ChowdownEat Sosig! (Requires 4 Players)25
Pink Elekks on ParadeZap Elekks! (Horde / Alliance)40
Direbrew's Dire BrewKill Coren! (Horde / Alliance)40

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must finish the quest Welcome to Brewfest! Horde / Alliance before you can start any of the quests in the area!


QuestObjectiveBrewfest Token Reward
Chug and Chuck!Drink n' toss! (
quest=12191 - Unsubbed? Want the Brewfest prizes? Not to fear, your guide is here!Horde / Alliance)
Bark for X Brewery!Drive your Ram 'round town!15
Brew for Brewfest!4 Minute Keg Run! (Horde / Alliance)20-28*
Coren Direbrew (DAILY Dungeon)Kill Coren Direbrew!10-15
INVASIONS (Every Half Hour)Drink and toss at enemies!10

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must finish the quest Welcome to Brewfest! Horde / Alliance before you can start any of the quests in the area! You also have to finish There and Back again to start the Bark For.. and Brew for Brewfest Daily Quests!

Youcannot get the Brewfest Ram or Brewfest Kodo mounts from the lower level Box awarded for completing the Dungeon!Low level drop table included in the Tokens awarded from Coren link.


Here's a tip for the Ram Racing Daily! You can assign a macro to one of your main keys to whip your ram (and keep his speed up) so you can camera turn while keeping up the pace! Make a new macro with the command " /click ExtraActionButton1 ".

Quest/Amount3 Days7 Days10 Days14 Days
Chug and Chuck!3070100140
Bark for X Brewery!45105150210
Coren Direbrew30-4570-105100-150140-210
Brew for Brewfest!*60-84140-196200-280280-392
Total After..165-204385-476550-680770-952

This largely depends on how many tokens you can reliably get with the 4-minute Ram Racing Daily, but I was able to get around 26-28 per try on each character on a reasonable route. Listed is 20-28.)


PrizeItem TypeBrewfest Token Cost
Bottomless Brewfest SteinNON-XMOG VANITY (New to 2019!)10
Blue Brewfest HatHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 Set)50
Brown Brewfest HatHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 Set)50
Green Brewfest HatHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 Set)50
Purple Brewfest HatHOLIDAY XMOG (1/3 Set)50
Brewfest BootsHOLIDAY XMOG (2/3 Set)100
Brewfest SlippersHOLIDAY XMOG (2/3 Set)100
Brewfest RegaliaHOLIDAY XMOG (3/3 Set)200
Brewfest DressHOLIDAY XMOG (3/3 Set)200
Garland of GrainHOLIDAY XMOG (New to 2019!)150
Tabard of BrewTABARD (New to 2019!)200
Pandaren BrewpackTOY100
Brewfest Keg PonyTOY200
Brewfest Pony KegTOY100
Pint-Sized Pink PachydermPET100
Stout AlementalPET200
Wolpertinger's TankardPET – Quest Reward (Free!)Horde / Alliance
Steamworks Sausage GrillTOY200
Brewfest BannerTOY100
Brewfest Reveler's HearthstoneHEARTHSTONE (New to 2019!)200
Brewfest Chowdown TrophyTOY (New to 2019!)Win 5 Chowdowns!
Preserved Brewfest HopsCONSUMABLE VANITY20
Blix's Eyesight Enhancing GogglesVANITY100
Synthebrew Eyesight Enhancers XLVANITY200
Ancient Heirloom ScabbardUPGRADE (Level 90 Weapon)300
Timeworn Heirloom ScabbardUPGRADE (Level 100 Weapon)500
Weathered Heirloom ScabbardUPGRADE (Level 110 Weapon)500
Battle-Hardened Heirloom ScabbardUPGRADE (Level 120 Weapon)500


I've been asked to cover the achievements a couple of times, but as these guides center around the fact you're locked to level 20, it usually comes with the added detriment of being unable to progress towards What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

Unfortunately, Brewfest is one such example. You can get progress down at least, but ONE achievement is impossible.

Brew of the Month – Spend 200 Tokens to join the Club from the main prize vendor, easy as.

Direbrewfest – Kill Coren Direbrew. It's something you'll be doing anyway!

Does your Wolpertinger Linger? – Complete the Wolpertinger quest and get your pet! (Horde / Alliance)

Have Keg, Will Travel – For 5x Tokens you can buy Fresh Brewfest Hops to transform your mount.

The Brewfest Diet – This is where you get stuffed. Unfortunately you need to be level 65 to eat all the required food!


Simply put, I'm a collector, but I've unsubbed from WoW until.. well, until I feel like it's worth coming back to!

Though I do plan to return eventually – and the prospect of having to wait a whole other year for a reward I simply could have spent a little time getting is ghastly. So, why not just get them with some Allied Race alts?

Special thanks to all the supporting comments on my Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, Noblegarden, Children's Week, and Midsummer Fire Festival guides! Even if it helps a single one of you lovely bastards, it was worth the headache!

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